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[연뮤e슈] The hasty game of the "History Boys" actors, the controversial three actors, get out early

"History Boys" Lee Joo-bin, Cho Chang-hee and Kim Ye-chan leave early
The manufacturing company decides that the performance cannot be smooth
Erroneous apologies and refutation of decisions, another pain for other actors and the audience

Noname Theater Company
Ⓒ Noname Theater Company
[이뉴스데일리 김은정 기자] New actors Lee Ju-bin, Cho Chang-hee and Kim Ye-chan, who caused controversy over hasty words and words, eventually got off at "History Boys."

On September 26, producer of the History Boys drama, Noname Theater Company, announced on the official SNS, "Cho Chang-hee, Lee Joo-bin and Kim Ye-chan, who are currently starring in the drama" History Boys, "decided to leave early.

Noname said: "The actors were responsible for the discomfort for many people with frivolous words and deeds and decided to leave early because it was difficult to smoothly continue the show."

Lee Joo-bin, Cho Chang-hee and Kim Ye-chan recreated their personal live stream on Instagram on September 13, responding to the message of "sexual insults about an elderly man with dementia." He was disappointed with the audience, the main audience, jokingly saying that he did not exercise hard.

In early September 16, three actors and producers Han Hye-young and director Kim Tae-hyeong made a long apology. Recognizing the error and apologizing, the three actors showed their position to teach them to recognize the relevant parts without getting off.

Han Hye – young producer and director Kim Tae-hyung expressed an apology for Lee Joo-bin, Cho Chang-hee and Kim Ye-chan in an apology statement. They are actors in which their colleagues believed and cared for them with honesty and sincerity, and I believe that it helped them understand that they must always act responsibly and gracefully as an actor and as a mature adult. I want to end this program with reflection. "However, their apologies did not convince the audience, but rather led to the cancellation of the ticket, because they could not fully concentrate on work.

"History Boys" opened on September 20. Less than a week later on September 26, the production company announced the earlier departure of three actors. Scripps is Lee Joo-bin, who is the double cast of Kang Pillar, while Choe Chang-hee and Acta Kim Ye-chan are one cast. The works, which will be carried out until October 27, have not yet been officially announced when they will come out and how the vacancy will be filled.

Ⓒ Noname Theater Company

Noname Theater Company said: "I thought I needed to know the exact facts about the actors' various words and deeds, so on September 17, I asked the Digital Scientific Investigation Institute to analyze the images. According to the results of emotions, "Sexual remarks about the elderly, who in the conversations in the film are mentioned as small, are difficult to summarize with the voices of the actors, based on the result of comparing the status of cognition and the situation of live actors with the shape of the sound wave. "I think a more likely voice is being spoken by another group nearby." "Thanks for choosing not to disclose the whole grade, because repetition may cause more discomfort."

The producers tried their best to reveal the innocence of what the actors said, but they did not reveal the assessment that can be seen on the eye, as it can cause discomfort. "But it was true that there were problems with other words and attitudes, regardless of whether they were spoken. The desire to clear up misunderstandings about scruffy comments earlier caused much disappointment to the public. I would like to express my sincere apologies to the audience who believed in the Noname Theater Company, and I will end the show with a greater sense of responsibility. I would like to apologize again. "

History Boys began controversy. There were various problems, but the audience was in the audience and there were voices supporting the work and other actors. However, at work, which lasts about a month, the descent from the three actors early after opening is another damage. Producers who easily shook the works, and new actors who were not responsible for the stage, caused another harm to the audience and other actors.

Ⓒ 노네임 씨어터 컴퍼니, 박은석 Instagram

Park Eun-seok from Daykin played with his photo of "History Boys" on his Instagram on the morning of September 20, saying: "As always, the day before the first ball was brave and I couldn't sleep as I had expected a child at a picnic. I cautiously expect people who appear in performances to feel the same, so I'm sitting on the seats of my favorite performances and I know what I'm waiting for and I expect before the first stage begins, but I love it so bad that together I am not happy with my favorite performances and I am sorry to say that "completely" is a word that expresses something that has come true.

"History Boys" is a spectacle that has been creating history for years, including of course the audience who loved and supported the performance, but unfortunately history is not full of good things. There is joy in it, but sometimes sadness and scars, sometimes full of unforgettable memories, but sometimes full of unforgivable things for the rest of your life. I will be on stage to do everything in my power to keep that promise tomorrow, and I respect my individual "choice" and look forward to meeting my heart full of joy at the next stage. Boys' story resumes tomorrow for five weeks. In addition, you write the company, "said revealed really geonnemyeo words touched touched balhimyeo the fact that the audience is aware of the mind of problems. Kang Young-seok and Choi Jung-woo, who appeared together, gladly left an answer saying "Do!" And many fans sent him a message of support.

Eun-suk Park was recognized as "Life Boy" in 2014 and 2016 as "Daykin History Boys". The audience was pleased with the work and actors who returned after three years and waited for the opening day. However, because of the controversy caused by the three new actors, other actors and the audience felt uncomfortable and had to perform on stage. People who completely preserved the show with a passion for work, shocked the actors who got off again. The misuse of a timeless explanation and misinterpretation have left two scars for those who love History Boys.

The theater company Noname apologizes: "We apologize for any inconvenience or injury caused by immature reaction to this process" – he apologized. Announce. "

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