Friday , December 4 2020

[영상] The tallest man in the world who won the war with Andari / KBS News

There was another match in wrestling, which is rapidly gaining popularity today. Hwang Jae-won (Taean-gun Office), 187 cm tall, won a 3-1 victory over Hwang Seong-hee (Jeongeup City Hall) in the final Geumgang match of 2019.

As if gold were the best essence of wrestling skills, a fierce technical battle was the best. And Hwang Jae-won's excellent technique of perfect control of Hwang Sung-hee's organs, Andari Hanging, was excellent.

Won by Hwang Jae "The player Hwang Seong-hee was firmly held in the first edition and helped him in the second edition. But since the second edition I have been cautious, "he said." I'm trying to be more aggressive because I can't win defensively. During the year, he expressed an overwhelming impression on the stove.

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