"17 years that changed the world" … Celebrating the 17th anniversary of the NHRCK


National Commission for Human Rights in Seoul, Jung-gu. (Photo = Human Rights Commission)

[이데일리 신중섭 기자] The National Commission on Human Rights (NHRC), which celebrates its 17th anniversary this year, will hold the 23rd ceremony.

The NHRCK said it would organize a celebration to mark the 17th anniversary of the NHRCK establishment at the Human Rights Education Center on the 11th floor of the NHRCK.

The ceremony will be attended by 200 people, including human rights commissioners, employees, human rights experts and group members, celebrating the 17th anniversary of the Korean Human Rights Commission with the participation of Kim Il-sunga, chairman of the Korean Foundation for Human Rights, Kim Young . The 17th year, which changed the world, was organized in order to bring things to the past.

Choi Young-ae, chairman of the Human Rights Commission, said: "We are planning to create an organization dealing with the problem of hatred to speed up the world without discrimination, which is the cause of NHRCK existence." We will also implement various programs to strengthen the sensitivity of committee members and strengthen their identity as experts in the field of human rights. "He said.

The commemorative ceremony also announces the winner of the Korean Human Rights Award. Since 2003, the NHRCK has awarded the Human Rights Award of the Republic of Korea to individuals and organizations that have contributed to the protection and promotion of human rights every year.

In the private sector △ Youth Culture Center Eung Auk Wonju, adult education instructor, △ Kim Yong Lee, national hospital care injection in the princess's hospital △ Chang Young-cheol, the Group received the following prizes: △ Youth Crisis Support Center 띵 Dong (Minsk Representative) suk Chung) △ Human Rights Network Council for Youth Work (Heinho Representative).

The human rights competition will take place in 2018. Since 2002, the NHRCK has promoted human rights competitions to improve human rights awareness and create a human rights-based culture. The Human Rights Media category has received 15 awards, including "Walking the Together" (infographics) and "Invisible Preciousness". In the essay category on human rights "Best of the World" (Division of Children and Youth).

In addition, the NHRCK chose 30 precedents for human rights that set the world on its anniversary. (2002) △ Recommendation of the Human Rights Committee against the dispatch of war in Iraq (2003) △ Recommendation to refuse military service due to conscience and adoption of an alternative service system (2005) △ Local autonomy (In 2014) △ Recommendation for the establishment of a special act on The Brotherhood Assistance Center and the recommendation to accede to the Convention on the Protection of the Disabled (in 2017)).

A related person from the NHRCK said: "We will do our best to promote human rights in our society in accordance with our status of an independent professional organization dealing with human rights through an event that will start again and watch the 17th anniversary."

The NHRCK was launched on November 25 following the establishment of the Law on the National Human Rights Commission on May 24, 2001, and the appointment of the first human rights commissioner and committee members in October of the same year.


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