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[스포츠투데이 황덕연 기자] Cha Jun-hwan (the whisperer) wore a bronze medal during the second Grand Prix of the season.

Chiang Jun-hwan won 80.07 points in technical classification (TES) and 81.30 points in artistic results (PCS) in Grand Prix Grand Prix Grand Prix 2018 in Helsinki, Finland. Winning a bronze medal for the second Grand Prix of the season with a total score of 243.19.

Cha Joon-hwan, who played in Romeo and Juliet OST, decided on the first challenge, Quadruple To Loop, and set off with the addition of 1.49 points.

However, Cha Jun-hwan was somewhat creaky in the jumping movement. Cha won with a score of 3.64 points, followed by a triple result in a triple result loop (GOE) of 1.43 and a triple double loop toe with an evaluation of an incomplete turnover of 1.71. Cha was also unfinished in the last jump of the combination and scored 0.08 points. However, Cha ended the last triple loop and finished the jump task. Cha completed free skating with Level 4, Level 3 and Level 4 at Spin and Step Spin, respectively in the Spins Degree and Step Changes Sequence.

Cha Jun-hwan, who has just completed the series of two Grand Prix series, will return to Toronto and will rest after the end of the program.

Cha Byung-hwan said through the intermediation of Bravo Annu (board representative Jang Sang-jin), the management company, "by encouraging and supporting many people, I thought I was able to finish two tournaments well and, of course, I'm sorry, but I'm glad that I can finish the game without injury. "

Cha Jun-hwan is expected to take part in the national women's rivalry competition of men and women in 2018. From 21 to 23 next month.

Mikhail Brezina (Czech Republic) came in second with 257.98 points, and Hanyu Yuzuru (Japan), who scored 297,12 points, won the tournament.

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