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Chong Kun Dang ‘Benpo Bell’, a compulsory subject in the health care of applicants

Contains 100 mg of the active vitamin Benfotiamine … High absorption rate and fast lasting effect
Antioxidant, UDCA, Vitamin C D E and other ingredients necessary for modern health management

Chong Kun Dang'Benpo Bell
Chong Kun Dang’Benpo Bell ” [종근당 제공]

The month is approaching tomorrow’s SAT 2020. In order to successfully sit the SAT one month before the exam is due, it is important not only to study, but also to be fit and fit on the exam day. Therefore, the high content of active vitamins attracts the attention of respondents as a healthcare subject.

Chong Kun Dang’s “Benpo Bell” contains 9 types of vitamin B, including benfothiamine, active vitamin, ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA), coenzyme Q10, vitamins C, D, E and zinc. It is a high-value, functional, active vitamin product that can evenly consume the necessary nutrients

Benfotiamine, the main ingredient in Benfobel, is physical fatigue and eye strain. It is an active ingredient of vitamin B1 that effectively relieves neuralgia and muscle aches. The bioavailability is higher than that of general vitamin B1 preparations, and when ingested, the drug expresses quickly and lasts longer. In addition to benfotiamine, this product contains 100 mg of vitamins B2, B6 and B12 each and is effective in treating fatigue, stomatitis, and dermatitis.

In addition, 30 mg of the UDCA component effectively improving liver function, antioxidant activity, coenzyme Q10 helping to prevent aging, inositol effectively lowering blood cholesterol, zinc necessary for immune function, vitamins C, D, E and other ingredients necessary for the management of the health of the respondents. optimal capacity.

This product can be taken once a day, the recommended amount needed for the day can be taken evenly, and the tablet size has been reduced to improve the convenience for consumers who experience throat discomfort.

A Chong Kun Dang official said, “In order for test takers to obtain good grades on the SAT, it is essential that we maintain the best possible condition on exam day.” It can be very helpful.

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