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Chopin, pianist Dong-Min Lim / YTN

[앵커]The pianist Lim Dong-min released a new album in eight years.

Chopin presents Chopin and Schumann, the innocence of children.

My brother Lim Dong-hyuk also came on stage.

I am Hong Sang-hee.

[기자]The pianist Lim Dong-min was the first Korean who, together with his brother Im Dong-hyuk, took third place at the Chopin Competition.

Lim Dong-min, considered an excellent pianist for Chopin interpretation, broke the gap and released a new album in eight years.

Along with the entire Chopin scherz this time there was also “ Children's song & # 39; & # 39; Schumann.

[임동민 / 피아니스트 : 서정적인 부분이라든가 사색적인 부분이라든가 여러 면모들이 있는데 그런 면모를 표현하고 싶은 갈망이 많이 생기고….]

Chopin and Lim Dong-min, who interpreted after eight years, assessed themselves as a child.

[임동민 / 피아니스트 : 젊었을때는 열정과 감수성이 있었겠지만 그다음은 나이가 들어서 사회를 접하다 보니까 자제, 절제하다가 스케르초라는 작품을 공부하면서 그런 열정이 다시 살아나지 않았나….]

During the year-round preparations, the advice of his brother, pianist Lim Dong-hyuka, was particularly helpful.

[임동민 / 피아니스트 : (동생) 임동혁한테도 조언을 많이 들었어요. 여러가지로 음악적으로 많이 도움이 됐고요.]

According to his brother Lim Dong-min, who started the national tour, his brother Im Dong-hyuk has also been on the scene for a long time.

Im Dong-hyuk, who participated in the Suncheon Bay symphony festival, presented Beethoven Symphony and Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto with the One Korea orchestra conducted by Chung Myung-hoon.

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