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Dongsung Pharm launches Bio Chewable Vitamin D 4000IU

[의학신문·일간보사=이종태 기자] Dongsung Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is able to cope with vitamin D deficiency by using daily capsules.As picture) ".

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that contributes to bone and tooth health and produces immune cells that help improve immunity.

However, the recent increase in the amount of time spent in the room due to fine dust and strong ultraviolet rays often results in insufficient vitamin D.

In recent years, studies have shown that vitamin D deficiency in pregnant women is associated with the prognosis and severity of atopic dermatitis in children, and interest in vitamin D is steadily increasing.

That is why Dong-Sung Pharmaceuticals has introduced a product that is good for mothers and children.

The company believes that once a day the product can overcome vitamin D deficiency with just one capsule, which can help pregnant women and nursing mothers who need vitamin D intake.

In addition, sweet chewable tablets with an orange flavor, which can be chewed and eaten without water, can easily be used by children during vegetative periods that require strong bone formation.

Lee Jong-tae, staff reporter

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