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Part 2 of the Asana Championship, discussing player improvements
Specify whether to remove the promotion after 19

If you do not fill up,
5th Place Kwang Ju FC

In the first part
Ulsan FA Cup fourth place ACL to win
The decision to lower as a result of the lower team games 3

Although the end of the pro football season is approaching, there is no predictable chance of winning the AFC Champions League next year, as well as promoting the first and second division teams.

K-League 1 and K-League 2, which entered the split hand, were delayed due to the disassembly crisis, and the decision to advance to the promotion team and the second round was made using the variable "Asan Mugunghwa FC".

This is because the Korean professional football federation has delayed the decision whether to disqualify the Asana promotion or not, about 8 days from the date set.

Pro federation decided that Asan, who decided to resign from recruiting players for the next season, will qualify for promotion if the application is submitted to 19.

On the other hand, if the National Police Agency does not take any action up to 19, the qualifications will be transferred to Seongnam FC,

Even if the last game of the regular season ends on day 11, there will be no teams in the second playoff phase (PO), as well as in the first promotion team.

Third place Busan Eye Park and Daejeon Citizen 4th in the ranking, and when the qualification for Asana are deprived of qualifications, the ranking is pushed one by one, and the fifth place team goes to the quarter-play-off (third PO), which is third or fourth place .

Gwangju FC (45 points) and FC Anyang (43 points) on day 11 were the last hope for promotion to the first division on day 11.

According to the current regulations, the 2nd and 3rd place winners in the second and third place will win the second and the PO place, and the winning team will advance to the eleventh place and the eleventh playoff.

"Escape from the relegation zone" FC Seoul (37 points), Sangju Business (36 points), Incheon United (33 points) and Jeonnam Dragons (32 points), which took places from 9 to 12 in the 1st league,.

According to the results from the other three games, this is the last place that has dropped to second place and eleventh place to go to the playoffs.

Seoul lost in 12 consecutive games without a win (loss 5 No. 7) is the most advantageous in the first part, but you can lose the second part depending on the losing streak. It is expected that the matches of Incheon-Jeonnam and Seoul-Changju will apply to the relegation team to be held on December 1 (38 rounds).

The AFC Champions League (ACL) next year to the K-League champions and FA Cup winners will also be in the "Anjin Band".

In Jeonbuk and Gyeongnam, Gyeongnam went to the ACL, but the remaining ACL ticket owner could be changed depending on whether Ulsan won the 3rd place, which ended the FA Cup final.

If last year's champion FA Cup Ulsan defeated Daegu FC in the final and achieved the second victory in a row, it is possible to move to ACL by 4th place.

Pohang Steelers (50 points), Suwon Samsung (49 points) and Jeju United (47 points) are in three points. However, if Daegu defeats Ulsan and joins the top of the FA Cup, the ACL dreams of the three teams will be wasteful. / Jung Min Soo reporter jms @

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