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Fasting declaration by the Korean party Hwang Gyo-an


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In front of the Blue House fountain … "Quickly up to demand"
Ji-won Park "Remains only after leaving the resignation card"
與 "Initial impatience for politics … post in the Pacific"
Right Future Party "No post, no justification, no justification"

[앵커]Hwang Gyo-an, a representative of the Liberal Korea Party, announced a post.

To protest against kicking Sosmia and enforcing the fast track, and call for transition to the national government.

Connect with Congress to learn more. Reporter Han Yeon-hee!

Soon Hwanga's post begins?

[기자]Yes, start today at the Blue House fountain.

I was supposed to announce the post around 2pm.

It was delayed until 3pm due to the tent being assembled on site.

Hwang's post is suspended to protest against the end of Jisomia and the accelerated forces and to call for the passage.

The end date for Gisomia expires on Friday at midnight, and the Fast Track Act, which includes the Air Act and the Election Act, will come in two weeks.

At the moment I plan to continue the post until the demand is met.

Secretary General of Park Myung-woo spoke to journalists and said, "This is life for a country other than political engineering."

No matter how much the opposition says, it says that nothing can be done but to throw the whole body away.

Hwang also criticized Moon Jae-in's government during today's meeting.

[황교안 / 자유한국당 대표 : 대통령의 안보 포퓰리즘에 이 나라의 안보가 속절없이 무너질 위기에 처해있습니다.]

He also offered one-on-one talks with President Moon to find a way out of the national crisis, but warned that if he left, he would face national protest.

However, in response to Hwang's post, Rep. Park Ji-won said the first opposition party could not meet people's eyes.

In addition, the Democratic Party devaluated Hwang's post only as a political novice and criticized Hwang's post as a civil rather than ordinary matter.

The actual future party, Hwang's post, has no justification or justification, and pointed out that even rational criticism is spreading, which Hwang addressed to Moon President Jae-in.

[앵커]Now, among them, the leader of the three parties went to the United States to convey our position on the contribution to the defense?

[기자]Yes, because the U.S. is demanding more than five times as much defense this year,

Three-party delegations will meet with key US Congress officials to share our opinions with the US Congress and the public.

Delegations decided to meet with reporters at the airport before departure and undertake diplomatic efforts at parliamentary level through bilateral cooperation.

Let me hear you saying that.

[이인영 / 더불어민주당 원내대표 : 한미 동맹의 굳건한 정신에 기반해서 양국이 서로 존중하고, 신뢰를 바탕으로 해서 공정하고 또 합리적인 방위비 협상 과정이 될 수 있도록….] [나경원 / 자유한국당 원내대표 : 지소미아 파기로부터 시작되는 여러 가지 외교 안보의 어려운 부분을 대한민국 국익을 위해서 풀어가는 데 도움되도록 노력하고 오겠습니다.] [오신환 / 바른미래당 원내대표 : 한미 동맹은 더욱 튼튼히, 그리고 방위비 분담금은 더욱 공정하게 라는 기본적인 원칙을 가지고 의회 외교에 나서도록 하겠습니다.]

Today's airport also has a civic group with a picket saying "no humiliation diplomacy."

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