Tuesday , November 24 2020

"I will prepare a university specification"… Thesis of instructors and students of ghost writing academy arrested in 78 / YTN-YTN news package

  1. “I’ll do the admission specifications” … Diploma thesis of instructors of the ghost writing academy and 78 students arrested / YTNYTN News
  2. “Instead I will write” … Report from high school student’s book “daewriting” entrance examination akademia dulmiJoongAng Ilbo
  3. 78 people were caught, including academy instructors creating the app and writing a thesis … Millions of winnings eachDong-A Ilbo
  4. University Work Ghostwriting 5.6 Million Wins … 78 Academies / Students Caught-Maeil EconomyEveryday economy
  5. “Please also improve your tone …” Pile of “Great writing and masterpieces” for college admissions 檢 Songchi (general)No Cut News
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