Wednesday , June 23 2021

Irregular workers were devoted to "irregular employment".

Recently, there have been suspicions of "hiring" public institutions. A similar thing happened at the Seoul Research Institute under the rule of the metropolis of Seoul. In the first half of this year, the Seoul Research Institute carried out a full-time conversion assessment as part of the 100-percent working time conversion policy in Seoul City. According to an employee of the Research Institute in Seoul, 104 permanent researchers and researchers from the Seoul Research Institute who qualify for full-time employment, However, only 49 scientists have become regular full-time employees. The other 55 researchers have lost their jobs ironically due to a full-blown transition policy aimed at stabilizing jobs.

Researchers from the Research Institute in Seoul who met with Kim Jong-il's team last month argued that the evaluation process was neither systematic nor fair. They barely opened their mouths. The face or voice has been revealed to the media, it can be branded as a blower. Nevertheless, my courage was that "I thought I would be a fool if I stayed still." I put these stories in the video.
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