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Entry 2018.11.06 13:49

President Jun Jong-seok said on January 6 he would chair the Commission for the Implementation of the Joint South-North Declaration on the controversy surrounding the so-called "Sunglasses DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) inspection" on day 6, and I do not think that it should be said that secretary. As for the sunglasses, he said: "I can not open my eyes well in the sun, my eyes are very weak." "I have many misconceptions about the controversy," I said.

President Jong-seok Jung (in the first row) answers questions from members of the Steering Committee of the National Assembly of the National Assembly Steering Committee, which was held in the National Assembly on June 6. / Yonhap News

The chief of staff, Mr. Im, participated in the audit of the steering committee at the National Assembly this morning and said:

On July 17, when President Moon Jae-in traveled to Europe, he visited a land mine disposal site to investigate the northern and southern remnants of Cheolwon in the Gangwon Province. He said he was "out of control" when he wore sunglasses. "It was not appropriate to go to the DMZ with ministers in the absence of the president." In addition, there was controversy when it was confirmed that information on military security was revealed in the film after the video visit of the director's visit to that post was subsequently published.

Sohn said: "The issue of sunglasses has been addressed by an important issue, and the head of staff should organize this matter carefully." Mr. Im said: "Now I am chairing the committee for the implementation of the joint inter-Korean declaration." At the meeting at the end of September we decided to go to an agreed place in the Pjongjang Declaration and contact the Ministry of National Defense to find the remnants of the site was chosen. "

Free Korean lawyers have also questioned the controversy of the DMZ inspections. Kim Seong-tae from the South Korean party said: "Mr. Moon was then absent from his European tour, but should not he have been presidential?" Even if he took the form, he should arrest him after the arrival of the president. This has not been disclosed. "

In the same way, a member of the same party said: "Ministers who held important positions in the country moved together, but who did you tell them?" "How do you manage the country?

"I thought the committee decided to leave and the president was instructed to actively promote the implementation of the military agreement," he said. "(DMZ) takes 35 minutes from Seoul and the contact is fully realized." I think it is not the right expression to say that it is abandoned. However, Mr Im said: "We received a response from the Ministry of Defense that information about the family doctor was revealed through a promotional video, saying that it was not a military secret, but it was not on the list of military training.

In addition, the Democrats gave the president time to fully explain the matter. The Democratic Party's creator, Shin Dong-keun, said: "I will give you a chance to explain that I suffer from the problem of sunglasses." The office director said, "I do not regret the misunderstanding, I will take it once and use it as an opportunity to take off the collar." "I can not open my eyes well in the sun," he said. "When I went to the United Arab Emirates last year, when I went to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), when I moved to Memorial Day (Sunglasses)" and "There is (negative) perception of sunglasses that can cause misunderstandings and I worry this.

President Lim Jong-seok, chief of staff, drinks water from the National Assembly's Steering Committee on June 6. / Yonhap News

In the meantime, the deputy chief of staff, Kim Seong-tae, recently visited Pyongyang as his special representative for Stephen Vegan. "What Mr Vegan told me was that he wanted to help update the content of relations between Koreans," he said: "Even if the schedule for North America is postponed," he said, "it's important to discuss North Korea because it's important to closely coordinate with the US. "" The Minister of Justice of the Ministry of Justice also said that he would organize a working group so that we could share North-South information and promote good North-South business. " Kim Seong-tae said: "In addition to the vice president, UAE head of Kangdun Abu Dhabi also met Lee Jong-seok, chief of staff, not looking for Prime Minister Lee Kun-hee or Kang Kyung-hwy.

The opposition legislators also pressed the head of the Office of the Secretary of Trade, Minister of Unification, Im Seok-tae, department chairman, said: "I do not think this is my task, but I do not want to know if the minister of unification has done something that was disqualified" . I think. "I think I want to live more freely, and I wish I was in the winter," I said, "I am asking for some more trouble for the administrator." Previously, he said he expressed his intention in July. He said: "There are many important things in the autumn events such as the peak of the south and north.


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