Tuesday , November 24 2020

Kakao Games’Prikone ‘, new character’ Kyoka ‘updated

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Global cross-platform game company Kakao Games today (29th) mobile RPG animation , the new character “Kyoka” has been updated.

The new character ‘Kyoka’ is an honorary apprentice in a black cat costume that increases the firepower of allies in the back row, and thanks to the special move ‘Halloween Broom Dance’, it increases the magic attack power of all allies and reduces the magic defense of one enemy to help in fight.

With the character update organizes the feature event “Little Brave Halloween Night!” Users can enjoy a special story based on “Mimi”, “Smile” and “Kyoce” from the guild’s “Little Lyrical” group, and get a character limited to the “Smile” event.

In addition, through event quests and subjugating the boss, you can get Memory Fragments for “ Smile (Halloween) ” and “ Kyoki ” in large amounts, and you can also receive 1.5 times more experience in event quests.

Meanwhile, Kakao Games is organizing a Community Event with new character updates. – Who is the shadow ?! A total of 50 users who participated in the event will receive the game currency “300 Gems” by lottery. Additionally, from November 31 to November 6, when you access the game, “1500 Gems” will be given as a Halloween gift.

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