Lee Kwan-hee, who was desperate to run away to Ulsan, played the role of the solver


Lee Kwan-hee, who desperately wanted victory, played the role of the solver.

Seoul Samsung won 83-79 in the second round of the regular league against Jeonju KCC in 2020-2021 Hyundai Mobis held at the Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium 5th place.

Samsung was dragged into the middle of the fourth quarter. But then it worked. Lee Kwan-hee was at the center. In the fourth quarter, the team scored 8 points with two valuable throws for three points and two easy free kicks during the crisis. With Lee Kwan-hee scoring 21 points in an important match throughout the match, as well as a place to play, Samsung won an exciting twist.

After the game, Lee Kwan-hee said: “I didn’t tell the players, but I played with determination to run to Ulsan, where the next game would be if I lost that day. All the players did well. During the rest period, I was working hard on my personal exercises, so the results came out. ”

What is the reason why he made such a decision? Lee Kwan-hee said: “First of all, it was the first game after the break. There is also the next day (6). I really wanted to win the game against the KCC, so I prepared a lot, ”he left a meaningful comment.

Lee Kwan-hee, who was desperate to win, made two big strokes at the end of the fourth quarter. He turned the secret to his shoes. The shoe model Lee Kwan-hee was wearing is Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors.

He laughed. “I thought I would make an appointment at Jamsil after my last three-point throw in the fourth quarter,” he laughed. Shooting 3 points from the last tower is a daily practice. There was always a tendency to throw 3 points in a hurry but I overcame it with the amount of exercise. ”He suggested a witty reason.

Lee Kwan-hee also collided with Lee Jung-hyun during the game. Immediately after Lee Kwan-hee’s usual foul was called, Lee Jung-hyun and his hands were clasped. Lee Kwan-hee, who was excited for a while, was blocked by his colleagues so there was not much conflict, but Lee Jung-hyun received a technical foul due to offensive language.

Lee Kwan-hee said: “I have thrown my free-kick while my foul has been called. It was really unfair. The manager decides the duel before the game, but I was driving Jung Chang-young. I didn’t want to run into a “player”. It looks like the player was too aware of me, ”said the winner’s smile.

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