Moon, chair of the Nordic Economic Cooperation Committee,


Kwon Gu-hoon, President of the North Korean Economic Cooperation Committee

Kwon Gu-hoon, President of the North Korean Economic Cooperation Committee

[아시아경제 부애리 기자] President Moon Jae-in was appointed Chairman of the North Korean Economic Cooperation Committee, Kwon Guk-hoon, Managing Director of Goldman Sachs.

Yong Young-chan, head of the National Security Agency, said: "Kwon has a unique insight into the North Korean economy through the experience of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in the office of the Ukrainian office and the Moscow office, and imagination.

He added: "The economic policy of the Republic of Korea is for the Korean government, because Roh Tae-woo has supported North Korea's policy in the 1990s." The Korean Government's new North Korean policy of promoting economic cooperation in the North New Opportunities and Economic Maps Creation. "

Kwon Goldman Sachs is one of Asia's leading economists and managers in the IMF, ABN AMRO and others.

He was born in 1962 in Jinju, South Korea. Kwon graduated from Jinju University and Seoul National University, then earned a PhD in Economics at Harvard University.

The Chairman of the Ministerial Level Economic Cooperation Committee, Song Young-chil, was empty after the Democratic lawmaker resigned in July as the first president of his party.

Yun said, "The northern economy will be a leading role," he said. "In this regard, my experience in the international organization, President of a long-term international investment firm, I open the way."

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