NH Nonghyup Life Launches ‘New NH Cancer Insurance’ That Supports Up To 50 Million won For ‘Target Treatment Fund Of Anticancer Drug Licenses’


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NH Nonghyup Life announced on November 6 that it will launch the “New NH Cancer Insurance” that supports up to 50 million funded targeted, licensed anti-cancer drugs that target growth and spread by selecting only cancer cells.

This product is also covered by the mandatory supplemental special agreement for small tumors such as thyroid cancer and prostate cancer which are classified as small tumors under the master contract. The subscription age is 15 to 75 years and the maximum subscription limit is 30 million won in 10 million won units based on the main contract.

By signing up for the main contract and special drugs for the diagnosis of small amounts of cancers (gang, bigang, mu) 10 million wins each, thyroid cancer 10 million wins, prostate cancer 6 million wins, other skin cancer, intravenous colon cancer, cancer in situ, tumor limit of 3 million wins (one for the first time) done.

Additionally, in the case of diagnosis of generalized cancer, the full amount of insurance premiums already paid in the main contract and diagnostic insurance are reimbursed. In the event of non-renewal of the main contract, even in the case of the diagnosis of two serious diseases (cerebral hemorrhage, acute myocardial infarction), a special contract can be selected that during the payment period returns the total amount of insurance premiums on the main contract.

It also has the advantage that if you sign up for a special drug for cancer re-diagnosis, you can reduce your fears of cancer coming back. Additional insurance is payable for a re-diagnosis of cancer two years after cancer is diagnosed. Even if the cancer is not cured, you may still receive cancer diagnosis fees every two years until it is cured.

In particular, people with high blood pressure, diabetes, or those who have not been able to enroll in cancer treatment can easily register. Hospitalization, surgery, additional tests within 3 months If you do not have any of the three notification elements, you can register.

Hong Jae-eun’s CEO said: “The cost of treating cancer is still high compared to increasing life expectancy. Hope everyone can enjoy the benefits that everyone can conveniently get for a reasonable bonus with this new product.

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