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On the night of May 5, merchants who opposed the demolition of the old fish market (old market) at the Noryangjin fish market in Seoul, Yong-gu, Seoul. If the trucks carrying seafood during the day will not be able to enter the fish market, it is possible that the products these will be closed in the metropolitan area on June 6. Nevertheless, conflicts between both sides are coming to an end.

At 9 o'clock the bank stopped supplying electricity and water to the old market. This is because former market traders are strongly opposed to forced demolition after the ruling of the Supreme Court. As a last resort, the Suhyeop site took steps to prevent voluntary dismantling of merchants. However, former market traders continue their activities in the dark, lighting candles during the day. In some cases, electricity did not turn on, so the oxygen reserves in the aquarium were stopped and live fish died.

Around 19:45 on the fifth day, a car loaded with water products came to be sold at dawn in the Noryangjin fish market, but the old market merchant did not get inside.

Over 50 former traders on the market who opposed the ban on the Suhwa Federation took 35-meter routes between the old market and the new market. They protested: "Oxygen supplies are broken, fish are dying, serious business interruptions" and some merchants were lying on the floor. In the evening, over 70 market buyers shifted to the left by about 400 meters, blocking new market vehicles. To prevent the vehicle from entering, the Democratic National Union (Democratic Coordination Federation of the Roadside Coalition) has mobilized five lorries. The traffic in Seoul did not live up to the resistance of the former market traders trying to pull out a vehicle belonging to the Minski league.

For this reason, shipping vehicles from all over the country do not enter the maritime market to supply marine products to the wholesale market, which takes place at dawn the next day. At 21.00, fishermen transfer their water products to the auction house using manpower and a forklift truck in a truck that did not enter the fish market.

At 19:45, at night, when the transport vehicle slowly entered the fish market, 5 ~ 6 people from the old 30 ryn market buyers lay in front of the truck wheel. Employees of services employed by merchants tried to attract buyers, but they failed. Other merchants sat on the floor with a mat of silver foil and took the road. Around 4:20 pm four transport cars tried to approach the wholesale market, using the transition between the old market and the new market, and the buyers failed to get on the road.

On the evening of May 5, when the crew members were unable to get out of the car normally, they put the car on a nearby road and moved the fish into their hands.

A former merchant, former mayor of Seoul, said: "We left our lives, electricity and water, and left something like our lives." I will die here. "When a member of the administration staff responsible for water replied," It's like a horse, it's a horse, it's XX. "All the merchants were shouting:" Get out. "During this process, both sides collided physically and one of the old market traders he broke down and was transferred to a nearby hospital.

According to the Suhpyeong website, the Noryangjin fish market is responsible for 45% of the supply of seafood in the metropolitan area. "About 300 passengers will be able to enter the market in the morning," he said. "About 300 passengers will be able to participate in the auction, If not, tomorrow will be the crisis associated with fisheries in the metropolitan area."

On the fifth day the traders who took steps at the old Noryangjin fish market opened candles in the dark.

In May 2015, Suqiawon built a new market on the left side of the old market. When the old market buildings that were built 48 years ago were outdated, and the risk of falling rocks, accidents and parking lots gradually increased, the fishermen decided to break the old market and create a marine theme park in the area. However, some traders said: "The place to sit has narrowed from 2 pyeongs to 1.5 pyeong, but rents have increased." Although the new markets were officially opened in March 2016, 41% of the 654 buyers, or 270, were left in the old market, opposed to the transfer to the new market.


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