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The rail union hits endlessly tomorrow. 80% of metro trains drives / KBS news


The rail union is to hit tomorrow (20.).
The key requirements of the railway association are to change the work of 3 trillion shifts to 4 trillion shifts, as agreed last year, and to increase the workforce required for this.
However, the position of the workforce and managerial staff varies in terms of labor force growth, and the improvement in the treatment of subsidiaries is also very diverse.
If the strike becomes a reality, the operation of metropolitan railways will drop to its current level of 80%.
I am Lee Seulgi.
When a rail union strikes, the KTX rate drops to late 70%.
Subway trains drop by 82% and regular trains by around 60%.
However, the government decided to maximize the metro operation rate in the metropolis by commuting to work with foster workers.
In addition, we are increasing the number of express and intercity buses.
[김경욱/국토교통부 2차관 : “불의의 피해를 받지 않도록 철도공사 홈페이지나 모바일 앱에서 예약한 열차의 정상 운행 여부를 확인하여 주시기 바랍니다.”]There are three main requirements for railway connections.
First of all, from last year's agreement on work management, the basic work system, which currently stands at 3 trillion and 2 shifts, is to be replaced by 4 trillion and 2 shifts.
Result of work diagnosis by an external accounting company.
Increasing by one pair requires at least 1800 to 4400.
The difference is that management has requested at least 4,600.
The Homeland Department, which has the key, has not yet decided.
[조상수/전국철도노조 위원장 : “국토교통부는 이낙연 총리의 당부에도 불구하고 단 1명의 4조 2교대에 필요한 안전 인력 증원 안에 대한 인원을 제시하지 않았습니다.”]In June last year, employees and management decided to change their work system.
[이창희/국토부 철도운영과장 : “철도 경영 여건에 굉장히 중대한 영향을 미치기 때문에 필요성이 있는지 검토를 지금 하고 있는 것이고요.”]The treatment of subsidiaries is also a problem.
The union demands that the crew members of subsidiaries be employed directly at the headquarters and increase their earnings to 80% of their employees.
However, both the management and the Ministry of Homeland violate SOE's pay guidelines.
The union is also strongly encouraged to integrate STX, public company, and KTX.
Although integration studies have been suspended due to the needs of the Homeland Department, progress can be expected if negotiations resume.
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