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EP Committee in Latvia to investigate possible violations of the Charter / Local Government Day


Meanwhile, the Monitoring Committee of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe, in response to a letter from the Latvian Association of Local and Regional Authorities, decided to conduct a fact-finding visit to Latvia at the beginning of December regarding the violation of the European Charter by the LPA. Congress will also ask the Minister of Environment and Regional Development, Juris Puce & # 39; a (A / P), to clarify the concerns expressed in the LPS letter, LPS said in a statement.

Subject to conditions

Sergey Dolgopolov, members of the New Conservative Party and former head of the commissionHarmony) conceptually approved the bill at first reading, but under certain conditions. MP Andris Kazinovskis (JKP) pointed out that the party, which has 16 members in Saeima, is ready to support the reform if a second level of government – administrative regions based on existing planning regions – is created – and this should be included in the bill. At the same time, the fourth strategic goal – regional development – must be included in the national development plan and special funding must be provided to ensure access to finance for rural areas. Each region should draw up a development plan. A new conservative group is preparing its proposals for second reading.

Dolgopolow for his part conceptually supported the bill, subject to the presentation of the briefing at second reading on the actual benefits and benefits of the new counties. "My support will remain until MEPRD meets the condition. Otherwise, my voice will be different at second reading, "he admitted, however, calling for greater involvement of local authorities in the reform process. "Instead of telling her what it will look like [pašvaldību] boat, but engage them in forging the boat. Otherwise, the reform is doomed to failure. "

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