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Fettel and Lekler provide the first Ferrari starting line in Japan – Motorsport –

On Friday, the athletes conducted two training sessions, but it was already known that the Suzuka track would be closed on Saturday due to strong winds and rain. The athletes spent the day closed in the hotel rooms, but today the sun was shining on the spot, even though the wind was quite strong.

Probably because of the wind there have already been two accidents during the prequalification. Roberts Kubica (Williams) came off the track just before the start / finish line, hitting the barrier, and soon after Kevin Magnusen (Haas) slipped into the same place. While Kubica's car had to be picked up by the track crew, Magnusen returned to the box with a broken rear anti-tank gun.

Both races will start last, but Daniel Rickardio (Renault), Serhio Peress (Racing Point) and George Russell (Williams) did not qualify for the second round. place Meanwhile, in the second round Antonio Govinaci (Alfa Romeo), Lans Stroll (Racing Point), Kim Raikonen (Alfa Romeo), Danilo Kwiat (Toro Rosso) and Niko Hilkenberg (Renault) finished the fight 11-15 headline.

In the decisive qualifying match with a score of 1: 27,212, Sebastian Fettel took the lead after the first attempt, and Charles Ferrari, the second Ferrari player, lost 0.3 seconds. Then there were Mercedes racers Walter Botass and Lewis Hamilton who were 0.6 seconds behind them, followed by Red Bull agents Max Verstapen and Alex Albon.

Although Fettel had the best results in all sectors on the first lap, he managed to improve his time in the second attempt to 1: 27,064, qualifying in this way. Lekler also improved his score but lost 0.189 seconds to his teammate. Over 0.2 seconds behind Mercedes pilots, Botas beat Hamilton. Identical Verstapen and Albon result and fifth / sixth place.

McLaren, Carlos Saints and Lendo Norris pilots, as well as Pierre Gasley of Toro Rosso and Romano Grange with the Haas formula, were in the Top Ten.

In the entire Formula 1 season, Hamilton now has a 73 point advantage over Botas, and a fierce battle for third place between Lecher and Wolsteden for just three points and Fettel, who is still fifth.

The Japanese stage is expected to start at 8:10 Latvian time.

Qualification for the GP of Japan

1.Sebastian FetelsFerrari1 & # 39; 27,064
2)Charles LecklerFerrari1 27.2530,189
3)Valteri BotassMercedes1 277.2930.229
4Lewis HamiltonMercedes1 & # 39; 27,3020.238
5Max VerstapensRed Bull-Honda1 27 8510.787
6.Alex AlbonRed Bull-Honda1 27 8510.787
7.Carlos SainsMcLaren-Renault13083041.240
8Lynn NorrisMcLaren-Renault1 & # 39; 284641,400
9Pierre GasleyToro Rosso-Honda1 & # 39; 288361,772
10.Roman the GreatHaas-Ferrari1 299.3412,277
11Antonio GovinaciAlfa Romeo-Ferrari1 299.2542,190
12.Lane StrollRacing Point-Mercedes1 299.3452,281
13.Kimi RaikonensAlfa Romeo-Ferrari1 299.3582,294
14Danny QuyatToro Rosso-Honda1 & # 39; 29.5632,499
15.Niko HilkenbergsRenault1 & # 39; 30,1123,048
16.Daniels from RicardioRenault1 298222758
17Serhio PeressRacing Point-Mercedes1 30.3443,280
18.George RussellWilliams-Mercedes1 & # 39; 30.3643,300
19Kevin MagnusensHaas-Ferrari
twenty.Roberts KubicaWilliams-Mercedes

Total F1 score before stage 17

PlaceRemoteCountryTeamThe point is
1.Lewis HamiltonUnited KingdomMercedes322
2)Valteri BotassFinlandMercedes249
3)Charles LecklerMonacoFerrari215
4Max VerstapensNetherlandsRed bull212
5Sebastian FetelsGermanyFerrari194
6.Pierre GasleyFranceRed bull69
7.Carlos SainsSpainMcLaren66
8Alex AlbonThailandToro Rosso52
9Borrow NorrisUnited KingdomMcLaren35
10.Deniels RicardioAustraliaRenault34
11Niko HilkenbergsGermanyRenault34
12.Danny QuyatRussiaToro Rosso33
13.Serhio PeressMexicoRacing point33
14Kimi RaikonensFinlandAlfa Romeo31
15.Kevin MagnusensDenmarkHaastwenty.
16.Lane StrollCanadaRacing point19
17Roman the GreatFranceHaas8
18.Antonio GovinaciItalyAlfa Romeo4
19Roberts KubicaPolandWilliams1
twenty.George RussellUnited KingdomWilliams0
PlaceTeamCountryThe point is
3)Red Bull-HondaAustria301
4McLaren-RenaultUnited Kingdom101
6.Toro Rosso-HondaItaly65
7.Racing Point-MercedesUnited Kingdom52
8Alfa Romeo-FerrariSwitzerland35
10.Williams-MercedesUnited Kingdom1

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