Four people were killed in the living room in a fire in Riga


During the week, 12 people were killed, four of whom died later this morning when they fled a house in Riga, said Inta Palkavniece, representative of the State Fire and Rescue Service (VUGD).

Shortly after midnight, the service was invited to a Riga home where the second-floor apartment and a 120-square-foot open flame burned. The victims evacuated six people from the walled building, but four died.

On Friday the day was invoked in the Engure region, where the open flame burned to 320 m2 in the residential building. A person who was handed over to a doctor suffered a fire.

Palkavniece noted that a total of 63 people were killed by fire. In most cases, they are also directly related to human helplessness, such as non-discriminatory indoor smoking, incineration of accidental candles, use of defective heaters, or incineration of a cooker.

"In order to protect our lives and property, there is no need for big financial investments, but for accountability and knowledge, with everyday fire and security requirements," said the official.

Therefore, the SFGG takes care of itself and its people, taking into account a number of safety tips including cleaning the chimney, checking the condition of the heaters, and protecting them from light burning objects. Also check that the oven door is closed.

Experts also cook food, do not leave it unattended, do not use damaged electrical equipment, do not smoke in the room, and install a smoke detector in the home, which warns fire extinguishers on time.

However, if there is a fire or other threat and you need assistance from the operational services, call the 112 emergency number immediately, SUGD reminds you.


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