Thursday , January 28 2021

Gemoss opens a store in Valmiera :: Dienas Bizness

At a time when strict restrictions were in place in the country, the demand for dishes and sweets increased, noted Ieva Treija, head of SIA “Gemoss”. The company is currently working on opening the first Gemoss store in Vidzeme, which will be located in Valmiera.

Demand for food has increased, and due to government restrictions, the demand for disposable tableware used by companies to support their business has multiplied.

The current situation, which is changing and changing shopping habits for everyone, also made Gemoss shake up even more and opened the e-shop to make it accessible without leaving the office or home.

“It is a difficult time for companies operating in our industry, the number of visitors is limited, working hours are reduced, many people lose their jobs, some entrepreneurs are forced to go into liquidation. This also applies to our company. then the tableware rental sector in our company recorded the most significant drop in turnover, ”says I. Treija.

In April and May, the company experienced a very significant drop in turnover, as the entire hotel, catering and tourist industry suffered as a result of restrictive restrictions.

During this time, Gemoss cleared his training kitchen warehouse and found kitchen and confectionery equipment that was used only once in company-organized workshops and seminars. The company decided not to throw things away, but to give them new value. Therefore, at the beginning of summer, everyone was invited to meet and change, trade, inspire – for the first time andele was organized, attended by chefs, entrepreneurs, and culinary enthusiasts. The company plans to repeat such an event because it was a valuable experience.

Restaurants, cafes and bars also seek advice from the company before opening their doors to guests. “We are proud and satisfied with everyone who has the courage and determination to create something new, dare and open their own business. We provide consultations in the design of the kitchen as well as help in choosing the most appropriate appliances and cookware. One of the most creative processes is often the choice of dishes. Company representatives meet with designers and choose together. The colorful dishes are still relevant today, but it has been observed that every customer wants to be unique and different from other existing hospitality companies. If a company is managed by a professional in this field, such as a chef, a lot more attention is paid to quality, not just price, ”says I. Treija.

The company noted that in times of severe restrictions in the country, many people turned to tidying up their homes and noticed an increase in demand for dishes.

This year, the owners of private houses also wanted to buy dishes matching the quality of the restaurant.

In the private sector, confectionery is growing in the company – baking bread at home, baking cakes. The company also organized online training so people could come up with ideas for both professional chefs and food enthusiasts.

If you look at the food segment, the consumption of legumes and grains is becoming more and more popular. “We created the“ Just Nature ”brand, which is a specially developed product line that offers grain and legume products essential for the body. alternative flour and other interesting products.

The company’s clients are both legal entities and natural persons. “At the moment, we think a lot about how we can be together with the industry, how to support local companies and our clients. We are looking for new solutions and new ways of cooperation. For example, we helped both the library ”1 Restaurant Maestro, Kest restaurant in Cēsis, also has dishes of our choice, which are completed with their own stamp. In recent years, there has been a tendency to develop the private label product segment, our products are also packed for other companies, already in private label packaging. In a 50 kg package, each of our customers, known or less known, is very important to us, ”says I. Treija.

The boss of “Gemoss” says that this year more growth was recorded in small restaurants, guest houses and cafes located outside Riga. People decided to travel and rest safely in Latvia or the Baltic States.

“In the days of Covid-19, when there are limitations to working in the office and people work from home, they start to wonder how to miss and how to get what was at work, one of those things is coffee. They look for solutions and seek specialist advice. More and more people like to grind fresh coffee, try to froth milk and create drawings. Classic – we all learn drawings and we want them to be better and better. The most popular coffee in cafes and bars for Latvians is cappucino behind coffee with milk – it has been observed that in Latvia 80% of people drink coffee with milk. The trend is starting to change, for example, more and more people choose alternative types of milk – almonds and rice, and get to know the world of espresso, ”says I. Treija.

In Latvia, as in the rest of the world, people still live, study and work. “Social habits are changing, the number of customers in restaurants and bars is likely to decline in the fall and winter season, this is also due to the annual decline in the number of tourists, but in spring we hope that the number of visitors will also increase this year. The Latvian Hotel and Restaurant Association has already expressed the opinion that there is a need for state support for this sector, which generally suffers losses, it is likely that additional support will be needed next year – says the head of Gemoss.

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