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"I look like a psychopath" – Kiwic's bitter reflection while waiting for Liene at home

If in the past Kiwi used the Facebook platform more often to express his thoughts, now his tweeter is his basic social network. After he had previously admitted to the media that he was constantly drinking wine and sleeping for days, he published new insights.

As seen from Andris's tweets, he is considering seeking help at Bezvēsts.lv, an organization dealing with missing people. In her opinion, Liene Skulme, who may have disappeared after a double act of violence and does not return home, may also be in this situation. Information available to Jauns.lv indicates that Skulme with the foreheads is currently hiding and is dependent on his relatives.

Meanwhile, Kiwich writes in a tweet: "On the one hand, I would like to be" as it used to be, "but then I had the impression that life flows and is boring. But now, when I'm not bored but interesting, I look like a psychopath. How to live? An age-old question, "says the musician, continuing the thread of thoughts:" Observation. When you are completely liberated, do what you want, say what you think, stop living according to the laws of a hypocritical society, you are degraded. it's a BMW, live in a good neighborhood and so on, you are your own, everything is normal with you, you are a pig. "

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It has already been reported that a few days earlier Andris Kivičs called his current life without his beloved presence "hell."

Friends of Kiwi girl, Liene Skulme, have already asked for eyewitness accounts of two conflicts between lovers. This week, the portal received alarming news, and experts reported that on Thursday evening musician Andris Kivičs and public lady Liene Skulme were on the most modern vacation at the entertainment center. According to eyewitnesses, Andris and Lien were arguing a lot, and the two had a really high tone.

The quarrel ended with Liene wearing a bruised forehead where she had several stitches. Although Andris himself announced that he left the entertainment center after the dispute, Liene did nothing and knows nothing about the next one, but his activity in social networks shows that this was not the case. First of all, without hesitation, Kiwitz wrote in a tweet: "The greatest thing about life is that we only understand it later. And there is no second step, "but then it was very specific:" It & # 39; s pi ** ec. "A few hours later, Andris said," Now something is happening that you can't even imagine. "

In fact, the incident is even more serious. According to Jauns.lv, while communicating with relatives of Liene Skulme, as if "Andris Liene was brutally beaten," two days in a row – both at the Bowlero entertainment center and the next evening (Friday) at the National Theater. Relatives are not going to leave Kivić unpunished for these atrocities – they eventually turned to the police and gave Liene a helping hand to help her regain physical and emotional strength. Relatives reveal that Kiwi publicly beat up his "beloved woman" in both of these locations, so the incident obviously has eyewitnesses who are very welcome to refer to witnesses@inbox.lv.

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