Monday , January 25 2021

“It was painful!” During the dinner, participants use electricity to “break” the fingers of the Presentation

On the evening of Thursday, December 3, another TV series “Almost Perfect Dinner” ended, and on the last night of the show, the attractive company of that week was visited by the creative director and event manager of “Sigulda Adventures” Miķelis Visocks, and the evening turned out to be very intense.

Miķelis welcomed his new friends – the owner of the Amoralle Inese Ozola brand, singing actress and event manager Vita Balchunaite and Brazilian footballer and influential footballer Felipe Gabriel Xavier living in Latvia – at his home in Sigulda.

After welcoming the guests and tasting the champagne, it was time for the first meal. As a snack, Mi buelis served rolls with his own moose liver pate, which the host suggested rinsing with both water and šmakovka.

“The pate was absolutely gorgeous,” Inese praised the main ingredient of the snack. But the drink called Latgalian tequila proved to be a particular challenge for Felipe, who admitted that it was very strong for him and even made him feel bad.

For the main course, the table was brought to the table with rice with meat and green peas and a fresh salad, which everyone had condemned to delicious faces.

Also on the fourth night, table talks were free, and the quartet passionately discussed who should pay the restaurant bill for the date. Michael was convinced that the man should do it, but Felipe felt that the man and the woman should pay for it together.

“I think every couple has a right to find out how it is more convenient for them. But so far I have the feeling that I feel better that we both pay equally, ”admitted Vita.

“Going on a first date, I probably wouldn’t be in a cool format if I had to pay at least half that cost,” Inese said, emphasizing that it’s not about money, but about love and relationships.

After heated discussions, it was time to focus on who’s cooler and sweeter – dessert was served – salty caramel and pasta ice cream that Mikēlis had baked the day before and that the guests couldn’t believe.

After the guests had eaten and drunk, the host suggested activities to test the responsiveness of each guest. “The game is quite dynamic and the game can be amazing” – the artist presented the guests with something invisible.

Opinions differed on the subject of extreme entertainment, where the person who pushes the red button too quickly or too late suffers a minor electric shock. Felipe rated this as the best option to play at home. But Inese was of the opposite opinion: “It was terrible! It was painful. “

In total, the guests rated the evening with 28 points, so all participants received the same number of points this week. The winner of the week and top prize winner was selected by tweet, with Felipe having the greatest success.

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