Monday , January 25 2021

Ivars Kalvins explains why you can get Covid-19 again

President of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, Ivars Kalviņš, told Riga TV 24 “Uz līnijas” why it is possible to get Covid-19 again.

Kalvins points out that it is possible that someone who has contracted Covid-19 will fall ill again. It indicates that there is already some proven version that the virus does not actually leave the body completely.

“He [vīruss-red.] it is simply masked because the virus tends to destroy cells and the cells are surrounded by shells – like a soap bubble, which is made up of layers of fat. The virus takes a piece out of its shell, wraps itself in a circle, and hides inside. The immune system sees only the appearance of the shell of its normal cell. The virus sits inside, ‘explains the professor, noting that this is the virus’s defense mechanism.

Kalvins reveals that after a while the virus “feels” that the immune system has calmed down, comes out of the “bladder” and re-infects.

It was previously reported that had reported that two cases of Covid-19 re-infection of humans had been confirmed in Latvia by early December.

In both cases, more than three months passed between infections.

Re-infection of SARS-CoV-2 is extremely rare, involving dozens of cases around the world, said Perevoshchikov. Current data suggests that a person who has already experienced Covid-19 (even mild or asymptomatic) has a lower risk of recurrence, and that another Covid-19 infection will occur within three months of the first case, an SPKC spokesman said.

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