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Kiwic tells the latest news about Skulmi; he also asks for help

About a week ago, the media reported that musician Andris Kivičs impressed him on his beloved Liene Skulmi. While the Liene family says that he gives her all the help she needs now, the musician informs her that he is still looking for Liene.

"So today Liene was seen in Liepaja with a bearded pastor in the market square, with a plaster cast at the Karaoke Museum, then at Maxima on Dzērves Street in Liepaja, and then at the University of Liepaja, happy. from the place where the guy called me in a coma. The police will start something in 2 days, with the same thing tomorrow. Tomorrow I have a plan to catch it differently, but if you see him take a picture, please help, because six o'clock everyone seems dead, everyone busy etc. But 5 days ago Liene told me that for most of her life she is afraid that we'll never be together, "writes the musician on Facebook.

He was told yesterday that he had also published a wider film about the situation and looking for a loved one with whom he had been in a relationship for almost a year.

It is also currently unknown whether they will both perform at the VEF Palace of Culture this autumn.

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