Monday , January 18 2021

“Maxima Latvija” launches a new service – “Search for yourself”

The seller of “Maxima Latvija” discovered another new way of shopping – “Scan & Go” or “Scan Yourself”, which allows you to scan the product in the “Maxima” mobile application, put the products in your own bag or in the store, and finally pay for without taking out bags – said the seller.

This is the first procurement solution of this type in the Baltics to combine both in-app scanning and a dedicated billing area, the company said. The total investment is 150,000 euros and the service is currently available from the Maxima XXX store in the Akropole Shopping Center.

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“Under the influence of Covid-19, this year can be called the evolution of digitization, or the time when, in addition to existing digital solutions such as artificial intelligence to monitor the shelf fullness, electronic price tags, more and more digital display stores, new self-checkout, mobile application with options payments, we introduce new solutions at the pace of the sprint, improving the purchasing experience, and more and more taking care of the safety of customers and employees. The “Scan yourself” solution with a separate payment zone makes it very convenient and fast, as well as allows contactless shopping, which is especially important in these pandemic conditions, and thus additionally cares for the safety of customers and employees “- says Viktors Troicins, CEO of Maxima Latvija.

Troicins adds that the relevant service is currently available in one store – “Maxima XXX” at the Akropole Shopping Center, although the company would be ready to implement it in other “Maxima” stores as well.

“This requires additional changes to the cash register systems, and if the regulations supervised by the Tax Office were flexible, allowing for faster introduction of new services for our customers, shopping would be even safer. That is why we have engaged in an active dialogue with legislators and competent authorities to find a temporary solution during the pandemic. In the current situation, it would be another important solution ensuring comfortable and safe shopping – he explains.

The “Scan yourself” function in the “Maxima” mobile application provides the appropriate steps for making purchases – open the “Scan yourself” section in the “Maxima” mobile application, if you do not have your own bag, select the bag in the store and scan its barcode with your smartphone, then go for shopping – scan the barcodes of selected products and pack them into a bag. After scanning the goods and placing them in the bag, go to the special payment area, where you need to scan the QR code, select the payment method and pay for the purchase – by application, bank card, gift card, including up to 99% of the purchase amount paid to Maxima.

The Maxima application is available for Android, iOS and Huawei operating systems. Existing users need to update the app in their app store in case the “Scan By Yourself” feature does not appear.

In addition to the new Scan Yourself function, users of the Maxima mobile application will be able to track the size of their shopping cart, check the price of goods, easily view current stock offers, use the virtual “Thank you” card, as well as find the nearest Maxima store and take advantage of other Advantages.

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