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Over 40 objects of the "Old Riga" festival will be lit up in the capital

From November 16 to 19, four nights from. From 17.00 to 23.00 you will be able to see over 40 objects of the festival of light "Staro Riga 2018". In three festival programs, objects created in various lighting art techniques will be presented in parks in Riga, squares and facades of the house, as well as a light parade in four districts of Riga.

This year's theme of the festival of light is "The Rising Light Castle". This thematic message ends with the thematic chain of "Gaismas cita", "Gaisma ausa", "Uz zvaigznēm", initiated by Auseklis and Jāzeps Vītols "Gaismas pils", launched at festivals from previous years, informs the head of the public relations department of the Department of Education, Culture and Sport City Council in Riga Indra Vilde

"As part of the festival, artists were invited to create objects creating new versions and scenarios for the development of the Castle of Light, based on the cultural canon of Latvia as the basis of our national cultural identity and cultural values ​​included in it, as well as reference to the guidelines of the Latvian century program and communication slogan "I am Latvia! "," The idea of ​​the upcoming event is described by the curator of the Diana Čivle festival.

The festival has been taking place for 11 years and throughout the whole year has gained recognition internationally, both for people born at home, as well as tourists and artists of light. This year, artists from France, Germany, Portugal, Japan and the Netherlands take part in it. The main feature of this year's festival is the creation of international joint international projects and local artists.

Cooperation with the new fairy tale "Spritiaty" was interpreted in a staged video projection illustrated by Anita Paegle, young actors from the "Ziluks" theater, who played a key role, and the video project was developed by the Portuguese creative association "Ocubo". In turn, the German creative association Forum InterArt created the project "#UniversUs", in which the Swedish dancer Lota Svalberg together with local dancers of contemporary dance will create a video game. The Norwegian setting of Anastasia Isaacs, in turn inspired by the poetry of Imants Ziedonis and the music of Peter Vaski during the creation of the video project of the poetry "Dawn", is told by I. Vilde.

The international program includes several projects of famous creative groups in the field of art. For the first time in Latvia, the "Gift" robot from the Ghent Light Festival will be presented. From the Lyon Light Festival, the large-scale ballet object "Pikooks" and the installation of the kinetic environment "Abstract. Illusion of the flow of time". The program also includes the installation of the "Maldugunis" installation by the Japanese light artist Juki Anai. The international program also planned to perform Brayne Hell sound and light "70,000,000 images", but for technical reasons it is carried over to the next year.

In order to make the festival of light feel outside the city center, each evening of the festival in a different district will be a parade of light objects "The Secret of Life". On November 16, the march of moving objects will be visible in the Palace of Culture of VEF in New Teika, November 17 – in Northern Blizzach, November 18, it will be seen on the Kengaraga promenade, and November 19 – in Isuuta. The route will be visible twice in the evening – noon. 17.00 and noon at 20.00, says the representative of the city.

Participation program and partners of "Carnival in Riga" as part of the festival "Staro Rīga" is already organized for the fifth year. The program includes projects of festival collaborators – light installations and objects whose ideas are created, technically implemented and financed by co-workers or festival fans.

For several years, Saeima of the Republic of Latvia, the State Chancellery with lighting in the Cabinet's office is taking part in the festival, the Bank of Latvia, AS Augstsprieguma tīkls, Central Finance and Contracting Agency with artist Gintu Gabrāns and the International Airport in Riga together with Harija joined the program in this year. Kochanie The new partners are "World Optics" together with the artist Elita Patmalniece. For the first time in the festival of light, the artist Dāvis Vaivads takes part. Vidzeme University College and Valmiera Secondary School of Art, as well as students from the Latvian College of Culture of the Latvian Academy of Culture, will express their ideas in the light of their language. Long-term partners of the festival are Latvenergo, Elektrum, Samsung, Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Latvia, says I. Vilde.

The festival "Staro Rīga 2018" is included in the program of the 100th anniversary of the Latvian state, supported by the Ministry of Culture and the City Council of Riga, the festival is organized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of the City Council of Riga. Descriptions of bright objects and detailed information about the festival can be found on the website

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