Wednesday , June 16 2021

Photo: Exhibition "Legend of the Iron Knight" opened in Riga Automotive Museum

The interactive exhibition "The Legend of the Iron Knight" was opened on Friday in the Automotive Museum in Riga, which has the opportunity to watch the vehicle of the Latvian army – armored car "Imanta".

The exhibition "Legend of the Iron Knight" is the only 30 original works discovered recently by the surviving Latvian weaponry "Imanta", which thanks to specially designed the latest laser technology 3LCD and holographic 3D projection, allows you to revive and see the armored model in just four different periods.

The "Imanta" armament, known as the "Iron Knights", experienced four lives – two rooms and two war periods, including a witness of the Latvian independence battles. During the exhibition, guests can experience the historic adventures of armored personnel carriers "Imanta" – participation in battles, reconstructions, changes of owners, change of functions and other events for over 20 years with the help of special modern technologies.

Armament "Imanta" is an armored British vehicle "Sheffield-Simplex". He arrived on the territory of Latvia in 1919. In the composition of the great Bolshevik Soviet Army, and the Latvian army gained armored vehicles as a combat trophy, subtracting them from the Bolsheviks.

In the autumn of 1919 Sheffield-Simplex described the armored vehicle as "Imanta", and this armor was involved in the battles against Bermondays in the Latvian army. After the battles for independence, the armament of the Latvian army "Imanta" remained on the agenda and participated in maneuvers and military parades in the 20th and 20th centuries. During World War II, in 1941, the weapon machine "Imanta" was captured by German forces and was shot. Until now, some parts of armored vehicles have been preserved.

The interactive exhibition "Legend of the Iron Knight" will allow the observer to return to time – everyone will have the opportunity not only to see the vision of one car at different times, but also to enjoy the impression of presence in the early twentieth century. a story about a series of wars, periods of peace and change of power, "said the author of the exhibition idea and chief curator, Agris Schmitz.

The parts of the armored car "Imanta" were picked up in 2017. During an expedition organized by the Automotive Museum in Riga to a house in Liepaja. The housekeeper's father, Daumant Bejon, the legendary armored vehicles of the Latvian Army, unfortunately, has already burnt out, seeing himself with his own eyes. At present, Imanta is the only of six armored vehicles of the Latvian Army whose remains have been found. The rest, if known to a specialist from the Automotive Museum in Riga, was completely destroyed during the battles.

"Over 30 discovered details and only some of historical photographs are now the only evidence of history that gives an idea of ​​what the armor was like." Unfortunately, no historical archive has been able to find accurate drawings of Imanta's armored vehicle so far, but today's technology is able to create a miracle, informing us exactly about the shape, structure and technical parameters of the Imantas model, while allowing them to be eyewitnesses to historical events – said Shmits.

The national defense minister Raimonds Bergmanis (ZZS) also participated in the opening of the exhibition.

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