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The State Tax Office (SRS) officials in the Tax and Customs Office have arrested three people from abroad for ordering multiple drugs and psychotropic substances. These people have given different drugs to the illegal online trading sites in the so-called "dark dark" or hidden internet that can connect to a non-standard browser that conceals their identities and paid for a virtual money, that is, a cryptovalent informs SRS.

During the investigation of several criminal proceedings initiated in October between April and October, the SRS Tax and Customs Office ordered three persons – arrested in 1988, 1993 and 1994 – to become a Latvian citizen.

All these people ordered different drugs from the Netherlands and the Germans through the "darkneta" and were paid by cryptovalence.

In the course of the criminal proceedings, a total of 23 postal items were removed on Latvia's "mailing list".

The first detainee ordered seven drug postal items from Germany and the Netherlands from April to October this year. 55-105 MDMA tablets or 3.4 ml methyldioxymethyl-amphetamine were detected in each consignment. Finding a resident's place of residence involves a significant amount of drugs and related products, about 20 g of marijuana, 16 color tablets, 11 LSD-lined paper, two 50-60 divided tablet cube, two shredders, one hemp device, two scales, and hundreds of polymer pack. The detainee admitted that these materials were intended for further sale.

The other detained 11 mails from the Netherlands this year between May and September. To conceal the consignor of the actual consignments, false personal information and the different delivery addresses of the consignment were indicated in the postal items. 102 different types of MDMA containing tablets and 11 LSD-stamped papers were detected in the consignments. You removed more than one MDMA-containing tablet and weapon-like object from your home-based search.

Both persons were identified as suspects and applied two security measures – the police was relocated and the Republic of Latvia left without the processing authorization.

The Dutch third detainee ordered five postal items. They contained a crystalline MDMA containing material. This person also ordered the "darknet" and paid him a crypt. He removed various narcotic and psychotropic substances when searching for his residency. The detainee is recognized as suspect; this is the subject of a non-depriving security measure.

The Director of the Department of Justice and Customs at SRS Kaspars Podins recalls that smuggling of narcotics is a serious or very serious offense punishable by criminal law and punishable by imprisonment from five to ten years. He emphasizes: "It is not easy to rely on it to be unpunished and unpunished, as postal items are also checked and all legal restrictions and prohibitions on the transfer of goods and objects crossing the state border fall.

Therefore, we call upon everyone, especially young people, to recognize the dramatic consequences of such a reckless behavior and leave them in time. "

These persons have been prosecuted for allegedly illegally handing over drugs, psychotropic or new psychoactive substances, the products or precursors they contain, the movement of which is prohibited or restricted, and in the event of a large offense.


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