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Student athletes receive scholarships


Student athletes have received LSFP scholarships.

Student athletes have received LSFP scholarships.

Photo: Council of the Latvian Sports Federation

The board of the Latvian Sports Federation Council (LSFP) on Thursday approved the winners of the sports scholarship for the academic year 2019/2020, granting them to 41 student athletes.

The Scholarship Committee received applications from 66 student students, of which 41 received scholarships.

Most scholarship holders study at the Latvian Academy of Sports Education and the Technical University of Riga – 12, University of Latvia – seven, Latvian University of Agriculture – three, University of Riga Stradins – two, University of Daugavpils, College of Business Administration, Banking College and Vidzeme University College.

For the third year, participants and candidates of Latvian national teams who successfully study at European Union universities are eligible for the scholarship. Finnish footballer Morics Krumins of the University of Ham took advantage of this opportunity.

Students of Riga Medical College of the University of Latvia, the Latvian Academy of Culture, Liepaja University, and the School of Business Administration Turība also applied for scholarship competition.

Scholarship winners represent 21 sports, mostly eight florbolists, seven athletes, four orienteers and canoeists, two handball players. One scholarship – cross-country skiing, skeleton, freestyle, roller skating, swimming, shooting, curling, biathlon, biathlon, triathlon, chess, table tennis, snowboarding, rowing and judo.

Sports subsidies from the state budget have been awarded since 2007. To promote the ability of high-level athletes to combine studies with the development of sports excellence, as well as to promote students, sport and prepare reserves for Latvian national teams. The scholarship is intended in particular for academic and sports development of scientists.

Professor Agita Abele, chairwoman of the Scholarship Committee, emphasizes that the athlete's career has ended.

"It is important to provide a favorable environment for athletes during their active careers, where they provide a solid foundation for the personal development and career that can be expected after completing the sport. Similarly, an athlete must have a motivated personality that is able to combine sport with studies, believes in the ability to do this, and above all supports him with careful and persistent work, "says Abele.

In making its decision, the Management Board relies on the recommendation of the Sports Scholarship Commission, which was developed to assess athletes' performance and sports performance over the past year. The LSFP Sport Scholarship Commission consists of representatives of the Latvian Ministry of Education and Science, the Latvian Sports Federation Council, the Latvian Olympic Committee, the Latvian Academy of Sports Education and the Latvian Olympic Team.

Winners of sports scholarships 2019/2020 in the academic year:

Scholarship of EUR 1,500 was awarded to cross-country skier Raimo Wigant (LU), skeletonist Christ Netlau (RTU), wrestler Anastasia Grigoriev (DU) and legal adviser Arthur Wilde (LSPA).

A scholarship of EUR 1,400 was awarded to athletes Juris Gribusts, Kārlis Jānis Petrovskis (both from the University of Latvia), Tom Akmeņlaukis and roller sportsman Dāvis Raivo Zvejnieks (both LSPA).

A scholarship of € 1,300 was awarded to swimmer Evgeny Boicov (LLU) and scorer Agate Rashman (LSPA).

A scholarship of USD 1,200 was awarded to Michael Kostusev (RSU) and curling Santas Blumberga (College of Business Administration).

A scholarship of 1000 euros was awarded to florists Moritz Krumini (University of Hamm, Finland), Uldis Dunins and bicycle orientalist Andris Sarksņš (both RTU).

A $ 900 scholarship was awarded to mountain skier Liene Bondare, rider Valery Valinshchikov (both RTU) and Krišjānis Suntažs (LU).

A scholarship of 800 euros was awarded to Orientalist Elizabeth Blummental (LSPA), bobsleigh player Ralphs Berzins, sportsman Patrick Gailus (both RTU), florist Matisse Fogel (Banking Institution of Higher Education) and Viesturs Martins Rubens (LSPA).

Scholarships in the amount of 700 euros were given to the owners Signe Sirmaja (LSPA), Rihards Krūmiņš, athletics Asnate Kalnina (both RTU), Liga Vecbezza (LU) and triathlete Daniel Leitane (LLU).

A scholarship of 600 euros was awarded to orientalist Vilma Alberingi (Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences), playmates Madar Aldina, Martins Veispalas (both LSPA), Kristaps Laube and chess player Elizabeth Limanovska (both RTU).

$ 500 scholarship was awarded to table tennis player Victoria Majorova (RTU), skier and snowboarder Paula Anna Vitola (LU), handball players Nikita Panchenko and Richard Lee (both LSPA).

A scholarship of € 400 will be awarded to the rowing machine Girt Sokolov (LSPA), Judo David Dude (LU), athlete Krister Cham (LLU) and Auster Karpinsky (R

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