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TOP 3 technological solutions that make trucks safer than ever


Mercedes-Benz Trucks has been a pioneer in the development of safety systems and car assistance for decades, with constantly growing technological possibilities improving truck safety on the road and allowing drivers to be safe, comfortable, stress-free and without accidents.

A perfect example is the Actros series, which is equipped with a SLR camera for better maneuverability, an active braking assistance system and semi-automatic control setting new standards for truck safety. Aivis Zapereckis, Truck Sales and Marketing Director at Daimler AG in Latvia, SIA "Domenikss" talks about innovative technological solutions.

"In an industry where drivers have to face daily challenges such as route planning, meeting deadlines, heavy traffic, traffic jams, bad weather, inadequate parking, stress and fatigue, a comfortable and safe truck is a key factor for successful tasks. Everyone who carries a load of 40 tons or more should feel safe in their vehicle in every traffic situation. Intelligent technologies can significantly simplify the driver's daily life and help the company ensure that the customer receives the expected load safely and on time, "says Aivis Zapereckis, truck sales and marketing manager at Domenikss SIA.

Fifth Generation Emergency Brake Assist (ABA 5 -Active Breake Assist)

Emergency braking support is a mandatory requirement for new trucks in the European Commission since November 2015. Twenty years of Mercedes-Benz Trucks' development of emergency braking support solutions has enabled all new Actros to be equipped with ABA 5, the most advanced version with a combined radar and camera system .

"ABA 5 is able to recognize not only other vehicles, but also pedestrians in various traffic situations, such as running along a lane of a truck, suddenly appearing on an obstacle or moving along a lane. In this case, the vehicle itself can initiate partial braking, "says Aivis Zapereckis.

As part of regular system performance assessments, in 2017 and 2018, 95,000 Mercedes-Benz trucks with ABA 5, ABA 4 predecessor and side protection assistance system were tested. The results show that drivers were warned about a risky situation 15 million times; more than a million times the emergency braking system has applied partial braking and more than 10,000 emergency braking. The new generation ABA 5 is expected to further improve road safety by minimizing the risk of collision.

Semi-automatic on the road

The impressive improvement of Actros is an active driving assistance system that allows you to drive a semi-automatic truck for the first time. The system can automatically brake, accelerate and steer. To achieve this, it uniquely combines the functions of individual systems.

"The Active Driving Assist system is essentially a steering assistance system with automatic stopping and driving. It can maintain a set distance from the vehicle ahead. The system also uses advanced ABA 5 radar and camera technology and proximity control support, "explains Aivis Zapereckis. Indicates that the Line Assist and Electrohydraulic Servotwin steering systems are responsible for the active lateral guidance of the vehicle on the belt. "The function alerts the driver as soon as he accidentally leaves the lane. If the driver does not react, the system moves the truck back to the belt with corrective steering, "explains the expert.

Excellent all-round visibility – for the safety of pedestrians and cyclists

The new Actros replaces conventional main and wide-angle mirrors with a standard SLR that works with digital cameras and screens, enabling trucks to avoid accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists.

"Problems caused by incorrectly set mirrors are a thing of the past. The SLR automatically adjusts to the optimal angle before traveling. Cameras are mounted on the right and left of the roof frame, and the captured image is sent to two screens attached to the A-pillars in the cabin. Safety is further enhanced by the free diagonal forward view along the A-pillars, increasing the driver's field of view, "comments Aivis Zapereckis, Sales Sales and Marketing Manager at Domenikss Ltd.

When turning, the driver always sees the rear view of the trailer. The system automatically adapts to current lighting conditions even at dusk and in the dark. But when maneuvering and reversing, the driver is assisted by a special wide-angle mode. When entering and exiting the highway, the distance on the screen allows the driver to more accurately assess the distance to the rear of the road.

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