Thursday , January 21 2021

7 Arab countries on the “Tortoise media” list for artificial intelligence

Expand / Tortoise media has launched a data project to measure and classify countries according to artificial intelligence. The United States took first place in the world, followed by China, so which Arab countries are on the list?

The Tortoise Intelligence Index, which measures over 143 measures of investment, innovation and AI technology deployment across several criteria such as infrastructure strength, operating environment, R&D and more, showed Saudi Arabia ranks first in the Arab world and 22nd place in the global artificial intelligence index.

The United Arab Emirates came second in the Arab world and 36th in the world, followed by Qatar third in the Arab world and 42nd in the world.

As for the other Arab countries on the list, Bahrain is 50th in the world, Tunisia is 53rd, Morocco is 57th and Egypt 58th, respectively.

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