Monday , November 30 2020

A “human monster” rapes a minor girl and takes her mercilessly from one southern region to another … Several people are involved, and the mother of the attacked faces them !!!

“GF” said. (Born in 1982 / Syrian Citizenship) and living in the Al-Bissarya region against each of F. for. (Born 2003) who lives in Haret Saida and named RN (Born 2001) for kidnapping her underage daughter ZH He was born on the 14th of that month in 2008, according to correspondent “Lebanon 24”.

According to the reporter, the patrol moved from Haret Said’s police station to A.’s. He was brought to the police station and found to have committed the crime after confessing during the investigation that he had had illegal sexual intercourse with a girl and also confessed to losing his virginity.

While reviewing the proper administration of justice, His Holiness indicated that A. Remembered and left to all arrested GP And M. T. I Ty. behind. To meet the guarantee of stay and delivery g. To a special association for minors, keeping open records and assigning Jezzine patrol and accompanying minors. behind. As a guide who will lead the patrol to the hotel to receive them and call the hotel owner.

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