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De Bruyne "the best in the world"

Players who we can compare to him or suggest that they currently have preferences for him rarely, and if he still provides this level in the absence of Messi, then without doubt the best or best in the world

Dina Jarkas

September 30, 2019

His childish face, which at the end of 90 minutes turns into a fire bomb, sums up who is "De Bruyne", a man when he looks at him, he can not imagine that this "beast" can destroy you all comfortably, but applaud him you will be at the same time.

Pep Guardiola is always a winner, although this coach would turn players' dust into gold, but Belgian came to Pepe pure gold, and after having to hold his breath last season due to injury, now runs wild to catch up because pleasure is rare Europe

Why is De Bruyne the best now?

Before any initial attack, we remember Pep Guardiola's statement from last season: "Lionel Messi is sitting alone at a table with which no one can agree, but in the nearest place we will certainly find Kevin De Bruyne."

Today, when Messi has been injured since the beginning of the season and is not playing, is there anything better than De Bruyne? We return to the definition of "the best": who can change and run the whole game, who is the "heart" of his team, not necessarily the one who scores goals, but who "allows" and enables everything in a way that makes you love the ball football again

There is no doubt that Manchester City is today one of the best clubs in Europe, if not the best in terms of form and performance despite repeated European defeats, but it is always an opponent which clubs want to avoid, and the best player in the ranks of the city is the undisputed Kevin De Bruyne, who arrived 8. Assist this season has seven games, bringing legendary Thierry & # 39; ego Henry & # 39; ego up to 20 Assists in one season, because the season is not yet halfway through.

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Kevin De Bruyne is a man of "half-space" and symmetries, which are "raised by hand" because of their accuracy, not back or wing, but his presence with the cross on the right is something that opponents consider the "terrorist" expected, but not you can stop her, especially after the great harmony recently shown Riad Mehrez. He doesn't do anything unexpected, his contribution is predictable, but he makes them in a completely different way than his peers, which makes you wonder if this option already exists in the forwarding system.

"I want to have influence on the pitch. I know some ball tricks, but I only use them in practice, not in games. You know the players who play football, but I'm not the person – I don't like it. "

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De Bruyne area

The following data refers to the site where you viewed since the beginning of the season.

The Belgian participated mainly in 6 matches and one match in the reserve, an average of 75 minutes per match, scoring two goals and 8 assists, creating 10 chances to score, 4 key passes, 95% accuracy of passing in the middle of the city and 75% in the middle of the opponent's stadium , 3,6 Longitudinal passes per match.

The statistics he scored, but different statistics are expected in each match: he has 0.72 bases in each match and is the best in the Premier League, in addition to 0.32 creates a chance to get the expected result in each match, which is twice as much as any another player in the Premier League.

If he hadn't suffered an injury last season, we would have seen his name in the FIFA scandal because he would have been overlooked by his Manchester City teammates in the best squad in the world.

De Bruyne is currently the best-looking player in the world.

Players who we can compare to him or suggest that they currently prefer him rarely, and if he still provides this level in the absence of Messi, is undoubtedly the best or best in the world.

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