Frangieh: We work as part of our regular and we continue our line of Gazeta Al-Bina


I met with former parliamentarian Suleiman Franjo, in the palace of the late President Sleiman Franjie in Zagharta, with the families of martyrs from the massacre in Ehden, to put them in an atmosphere of contact with the party's "forces".

"Dialogue or meeting is a natural result of reconciliation that took place in Bkirki and at the next meetings, without any deviation from the dignity of our martyrs or dignity, which is our dignity, and we are waiting for a new stage in which we can overcome the past.

The meeting was opened by priest Prelate Stefan Franjieh with a prayer in which he stressed that "the wisdom of Suleiman Francesca allows him to choose what is good for us and for Lebanon."

Then Franjieh spoke and said: "From this house there was a beginning, and from him began the slogan of forgiveness of the past, dialogues with Lebanese forces went through several stages, and a bilateral meeting with Dr. Samir Geagea as the culmination of these meetings at the leadership level was not violated during our dignity Or the dignity or dignity of our martyrs, and it will be a meeting without immediate interests and circumstances. "

He added: "I am counting on your trust in me and our martyrs who were absent and living martyrs … We are a movement that brings together the overwhelming majority of those who have been with us since the beginning of the march. Together we have started and together we are continuing the path and what we are doing your support and blessing, we work within our political constitutions and we continue our plan. "

He pointed out that "the next stage is necessary", stressing that "we work only at the level of our history and martyr history, to keep Lebanon a free and united ruler." He said: "We have lived with some sweet days and days, so we will be in the future, because you are the foundation, the present and the future."

Franjieh finished, pointing out that "the dead Robert Franjieh has blessed this march and we are all going, but the march continues with you and with you."

The meeting also included a speech by MEP Estfan Al-Duweihi, in which he stressed that "our political and primary school is the seat of President Frangieh, and continues Suleiman and Tony Frangieh." This school gave tolerance. "

It was also a speech by Tony Francesi, who stressed that "our martyrs died in defense of their homeland, and today we as young people look forward to a new future and we want it without hatred of the past and wounds, and our aspirations, if we want to succeed, go with love and unity in the future, and democratic and political competition. "

"Our nation and our ancestors have dedicated themselves to our unity, and the greatest victory for our martyrs is the unity of their homeland, for which they died."

In conclusion, the words of the families of the martyrs from Ehden's slaughter renewed their confidence in the "leader who does not support anyone with the victims" and their dedication to decisions, valuing "a meeting that consecrates the unity of the situation with emotions and consciousness and continuing with one heart and one body".


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