Hasbani reveals changes in the drug pricing mechanism: We started to build an infrastructure for health cards


Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health, Ghassan Hasbani, explained that "we developed the" Health 2025 "strategy based on research into the expected health situation in Lebanon by 2050 and events around the world.

Hasbani stressed in an interview with "Tele Lumiere" that the main healthcare centers are the cornerstone, which is more than one pharmacy, and less than the hospital provides the necessary therapies and tests that improve the person's ability to heal their condition before it worsens .

"We work hard to support and develop government hospitals, and we've moved several files for central inspection and launched an electronic cancer register that provides comprehensive information about the disease and its whereabouts, which facilitates our ability to find a cure for it."

"Raising awareness and prevention are very important from the point of view of health, over 1,000 treatments and breast cancer awareness campaigns, which is the best proof, because a very large number of women have been subjected to early tests. The recovery rate is 95%.

"Hasbani stressed that" on the right side of many hospitals was injustice, and what we did, we introduced scientific standards and we removed quotas by distributing financial ceilings according to a clear scientific mechanism. "He wished those who would receive the Ministry of Health after him to ensure continuity .

"What we did did not eliminate anything that existed before, and if I was not fully convinced, we believe in continuity," he said.

"We do not like using the words" achievements "because they are duties, but active participation as the deputy prime minister and minister of health in the government was extraordinary, and the clear plan for health was a qualitative leap, but we distributed it according to the priorities."

He pointed out that "what we have managed to achieve is the granting of long-term and preferential loans and part of the $ 150 million subsidy from the World Bank and Islamic Fund, approved during recent legislative sessions."

"We started building the health card infrastructure thanks to the funds we have already received, as well as the primary care centers and hospitals," he said, stressing that the health card is not contrary to social security or other guarantors.

He said: "There are many segments of society that have a lot of good and do not interfere with insurance companies, but help the Lebanese."

In the case of drugs, Hasbani asked: "In Lebanon we have over 5,000 drugs, so why are 20 medicines compared to Turkey?" The comparison is wrong, the industry costs in Turkey are low, the drug is subsidized and the consumer market is much larger. Also, currency teams have an impact. "

"Comparison with Turkey is not allowed, food is cheaper than in Lebanon, the internet is cheaper, water and electricity are cheaper, the issue of lowering drug prices is a gradual process, because if we run the mechanisms suddenly, we can create a terrible and harmful defect in the sector."

"We announce in a few days the drug in Lebanon is compared to 15 sources, 7 Arab countries and 7 foreign systems similar to our economic system and country of origin of the drug, and we price at the cheapest price."

"A free economy is a productive economy under control, and hospital tourism is very important in Lebanon, and it must be an investment, and we have made a number of decisions that these investments do not become meaningless and we must work in a sustainable way to humanize the health sector."

In connection with the energy crisis, Hasbani stressed that "we are dealing with the issue of electricity as the basis for financial solutions, because the solution to this problem can be a big savings on the treasury of the Lebanese state."


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