Tuesday , November 24 2020

Repercussions of the expected US presidential elections in the Arab world

Biden’s victory over Trump in the presidential election to be held in the third month of next month will not change the aggressive US policy in the Middle East, especially towards Arab countries, nor contribute to the creation of democratic systems that respect the will of the Arab peoples, or stop the confiscation of wealth and the capabilities of the Arab world by emphasizing them. Arab rulers will make new concessions in return for protecting their regimes.

America’s interest in controlling energy resources in the Middle East became evident after World War II, when it signed the Anglo-American Petroleum Agreement with Great Britain in 1944 to share Middle Eastern oil. US President Franklin Roosevelt told the British ambassador in 1944: “Persian oil is yours. We will share the oil from Iraq and Kuwait because Saudi oil is ours. ” In 1945, the founder of the Saudi state, King Abdulaziz Al Saud, signed with Franklin Roosevelt the “Quincy Accord”, which stipulated that the United States would protect the Al Saud family in exchange for a 60-year supply of oil. The treaty was renewed in 2005 for President George W. Bush.

With Britain’s international role declining after World War II, the United States jumped to the top as a superpower and defender of the Western camp, and the demand for Arab oil to support and build the American economy grew, and the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 provided an excellent opportunity for America to military penetration of the Arab region in order to implement imperialist projects. By coordinating with your agents from Arab rulers.

The United States of America sought to weaken and divide the Arab countries since 1944 by supporting authoritarian regimes hostile to Arab nationalism and unity, preventing the success of popular democratic movements and supporting their agents in gaining power, as was the case in Egypt. Jim Moran, a former US Congress member, said: “Sisi’s role is to stop the Egyptian people, provide stability, and prevent any true democracy, and he will have as much influence as the United States, Israel and the Arab countries choose to use.” In addition, 20 out of 22 Arab countries in 2016 relied on American financial aid and America pressed Arab countries such as Egypt, the Palestinian Authority, Jordan, Bahrain, the Emirates and Sudan to sign peace treaties with the Hebrew state due to split and fragmentation. Arab social fabric and the elimination of what is left of the Palestinian cause.

Since 1944, the United States has ruled 14 presidents, 7 from the Democratic Party and 7 from the Republican Party. It helps to develop industry, agriculture and science, which means that US foreign policy towards Arab countries is one, based on blackmail, hegemony and service to Israeli plans, and has not changed since 1944; Therefore, the success of Biden or Trump in the presidential election will not change anything because both are imperialists working for their country and Israel at the expense of the Arabs!

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