Skorpion stars and stars .. The sons of one tower agree in love and friendship .. And the psychological crisis caused by basketball made Najmiyat Muhannad Turkish .. Photos


  • Elissa and Mohamed Hamaki are one of the most important stars in Scorpio
  • Mona Zaki and Ahmed Hilmi celebrate their birthday on the same day

Scorpio has a calm and balanced personality and strives to achieve the goal he wants to achieve, which is very emotional and sensitive.

His advantages are sincere, and he is largely around him, passionate, stubborn, in addition to a strong personality.

The most important aspects of the personality of the Skorpion tower are adorable eyes, things that he loves, always right and hear the truth.

Significantly, the Scorpio stars, men and women, have a lot of love and friendship because of their shared love for many things.

Ahmed Hilmi and Mona Zaki:

On November 18, he combines the birthday of Ahmed Hilmi and Mony Zaki, who became the most important duo in the artistic milieu who belong to the Scorpion Tower, therefore their marriage enjoyed understanding, love and respect.

Helmi is constantly trying to express her love for Mennia by publishing her photos at the El Gouna festival with her personal accounts from social networks.

Mona shared the same feelings since their marriage in 2002, during which she gave birth to her three sons: Lee, Salima and Yunusa.

– Elissa and Hamaki:

Lebanon star Elissa is associated with Mohamed Hamaki with strong friendship, Valissa was born on October 27, born in the first half of Scorpio, and Hamaki celebrates her birthday on November 4.

Hammaki said earlier that she loved Elissa as an artist or a human, and that the talent show "The Voice" managed to consolidate this friendship between Hamaki and Elissa after they took part in the jury of the fourth season.

During live broadcasts, Hamaki hugged Elisa, accepting her hand and showing her when Elissa visited Egypt during the last period, she really wanted to meet Hamaki.

– The most beautiful stars of Scorpio:

Kivanc Tatlitug, an Arab known as Muhannad al-Turki, is the most beautiful star of the Scorpions, born October 27, 1983. In Adana, Turkey.

Kivancch suffered from a serious mental illness after the injury and ended his dream, the mother sent a collection of her photos to the fashion agency and won the best fashion show in Turkey in 2002.

He played the role of actor in the Turkish drama Nour with Songul Udine and gained great fame in the Middle East thanks to his extraordinary European beauty.


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