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The report indicates that Apple plans to launch AirPods Pro with 8 colors to choose from


Apple is preparing to introduce a new version of its wireless headset called AirPods Pro, and in a report released today that Apple is able to pay eight choices in the colors of the AirPods Pro to start selling the headset this week.

There are still leaks with the upcoming Apple AirPods Pro wireless headset, which introduces an important marketing point in noise cancellation, and today a new report has come with new details about the wireless headset with the expected release date.

Previous leaks showed the design of the Apple AirPods Pro headphone housing, which is larger in size than the current version of AirPods, which comes from a new report published in China with 8 color choices, the colors are white, black, and also Green


Previous leaks indicated that AirPods Pro will be officially launched this month, while new leaks today indicate that the wireless headset will go on sale this week, so the wireless headset is expected to be announced directly through the media channels.




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