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This is what Mona Zaki asked her daughter about during the Cairo Film Festival

Last updated: 4 – Dec – 2020 16:41

On Wednesday evening in Cairo, the Maharjan began the 42nd session at the Egyptian Opera in the presence of many stars, and the ceremony began with the Republican Peace, after which actor Ashraf Abdel-Baqi presented a representative paragraph entitled “If You Stand, You Will Work” to begin the selection of works alternative, for which I cooperate with the cinema.

Egyptian actress Mona Zaki received the Faten Hamama Award for Excellence, on the fringes of the 42nd edition of the Al-Fahra International Film Festival.

Mona Zaki in an interview with journalist Engi Ali expressed her gratitude for this honor, especially since she received this honor at the same session where writer and screenwriter Waheed Hamed was honored, explaining that she was greatly appreciated.

Inge Ali asked Lee Ahmed Helmy and Mona Zaki’s daughter to send their mother the word to receive this award, so she started texting me in English, but Mona Zaki asked her to speak Arabic to tell her that she deserved this award.

Egyptian artist Ahmed Helmy and his wife, actress Mona Zaki, accompanied their eldest daughter “Lee Li” to the opening ceremony of the 42nd Cairo International Film Festival for her first media appearance.

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