Turkish intelligence and Ankara factions with suspected Syria moves


A suspicious move to reveal the military plan to Ankara in the northern part of Syria, the Turkish intelligence has transferred hundreds of loyal Syrian fighters to areas near the "democratic" forces in Syria that threaten the upcoming battles.

The Turkish Intelligence Service has transferred more than 700 Syrian fighters from loyal factions to areas controlled by the eastern Euphrates and Qsd forces in the Aleppo region, according to the Syrian human rights observatory.

According to the Observatory, more than 700 light armed combatants were transported by Turkish buses from the Afrin region to the Iskenderun dandara and Turkish territories to the west coast of the Euphrates river in the Euphrates operation control areas.

The "suspicious movements" came after a meeting on November 1 between the Turkish Intelligence, the "Euphrasian shield" and the "olive branch" factions, when the factions were informed of the willingness and readiness of the next military operation Turkey against the Syrian forces Democracy, which is the defense units of the Kurdish people, is the most important.

The military operation includes the strip from the east coast of the Euphrates River to the Tigris River, according to observer sources.

The sources added that Turkish intelligence directed all factions, especially those whose warriors came from Deir al-Zour, al-Raqqa and al-Hasakah regions to create a rift between the Arabs and the Kurds in the region.The Turks reinforce the Kurdish fighters in East Euphrates In order not to show their intention to fuel the struggle.

The border between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers controlled by Syrian democratic forces is still calm.

Turkish Alert

Turkey has repeatedly warned that it will launch a cross-border raid on the Kurdish defense forces in the Euphrates River in Syria if the US military, which supports Kurdish militants, does not guarantee its withdrawal.

The Syrian democratic forces, which include Kurdish peoples, are the main American partner in fighting the Syrian Syrian organization, which controls large areas in the north and east of the country.

US Secretary of State Robert Paladino said US officials have made contact with Turkey and the democratic forces of Syria "to emphasize the need not to step up the situation."

"All North-West Syrian unilateral military strikes are a big problem for us, especially in the light of the possibility of US military presence in or near the region," he said.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan swore allegiance to Syrian Kurdish fighting east of Euphrates, where he bombed Kubani with Turkish artillery on Wednesday.

Over the past two years, the Turkish forces have gone to Syria on the pretext that two SPLA warriors have been removed from the area west of the Euphrates River in two separate military campaigns.

Earlier attacks on the banks of the river stopped, in part because they tried to avoid direct confrontation with the United States, involving military troops and Kurdish armies east of the country.

But Erdogan says Turkey is now ready to move and last week issued the so-called "last warning" to those who threaten the Turkish border.

He added that Turkey will focus on the Eastern Euphrates instead of the Manbaj area, which was established by the US and Turkish forces in June to organize joint forces.

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