A winning throw in the hands of J. Valanciunas: Former Raptors coach triumphs in Toronto


1.2 seconds later At the end of the fourth quarter, with an equation of 104: 104 in the table, the ball was in the hands of Tloka.

The guests threw the ball from the margin.

After looking at the center of Pistons, Andriej Drummond under the basket, J. Valalunus was left behind for the first step by Reggie Bullock, who stood in front of him.

The Pistons basketball player quickly got rid of him by putting him in the basket. J.Valanciunas still raised his hand before the rival, but it was too late.

The pistons hit the winning throw and hit Toronto Raptors 106: 104 (26:31, 27:34, 24:23, 29:16).

D. Cassia jumped on the dance floor, and Pistons squeezed the hero of R.Bullock.

"The team has won me, I really appreciate that NBA is a league of players, it's about players, not coaches. But at the same time it's about people and people who fought for me", said D. Casey, Pistons team coach, sweet victory.

Meanwhile, proto-player Rapo, Kyle Lowry, arrogantly scratched her hand at J.Valanciun.

The Lithuanians responded to something and then led the entire team to the cuff to absorb the painful defeat.

In 27th minute J.Valanciunas scored 14 points (6/11 dv, 0/1 trit., 2/2 baud.), He gave 6 balls, blocked the throw, made 3 wobbles and went 4 times.

Kawhi Leonard's "Raptors" team scored 26 points, but he had the opportunity to hurt victory, the decisive moment in bad.

It is interesting that Leonard made a mistake in his career for the first time when he was left in the game for less than 10 seconds before the end of the fourth quarter or an extension.

Greg Monroe and Pascal Siakam scored 17 points for losers, and Kyle Lowry 14.

Winners Blake Griffin scored 30 (12), Langston Galloway and Reggie Jackson added 13 points.

Although it was a kind of revenge for D.Casey, the coach added that he was very grateful to the Raptors organization even at the press conference after such a victory. He thanked for the beautiful video shown before the match, which the club rewarded him for his good performance at work.

People who stood on the floor were praised by a former coach who was released by Raptors after Masai Ujiri after the last season.

"A classic organization, one of the best in all sports," D. Casey hid.

It's true that his students ran the Raptors.

Asked about the latest Detroit team attack and his genius, B. Griffin approached the Toronto organization: "The coach's last good attack has nothing new for us – maybe it was the new CEO and Toronto supporters."

By the way, the Raptors accelerated by 19 points.

"Perhaps we are not the most talented at the Eastern Conference, but we are very persistent and we are fighting," said Casey.

After 7 consecutive victories at home, the Raptors stumbled over their viewers for the second time in a row.

Teams in Toronto failed to achieve the best start in the club's history – 2014-2015. In the season, with the same D.Casey at the head of the team, "Raptors" started at 13-2.

With 12 wins and 3 losers, the Raptors are sure to lead the NBA East Conference. In total, the J.Valančiūnas Club equals only the Golden State Warriors (12-3).

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In this match the Raptors played without the main center of Sergei Ibakov, therefore J.Valančiūnas took his place in his pocket and during the decisive attack "Pistons".

In addition, Danny Green was injured in the third quarter and did not finish the match.

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