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Everyone showed what they paid for, and now OnePlus 7T shows you how you need it

The tradition of this Chinese company is the launch of its products: in the spring a new phone with a new number, in the autumn an ​​updated version with the same number and the letter T. Autumn updates are often not too radical – just like in the case of Apple phones catch the letter S. But this time things are different.

Let's start with the fact that the autumn delivery schedule for OnePlus phones is a bit complicated this year. The company unveiled the premieres of OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro, the first successor to the improved model introduced this spring. The first public appearance of the non-Pro model took place recently. In India. The second, 7T Pro, will start on October 10. In Europe, then we will find out the exact prices.

The choice of the first place of delivery is indeed a rather unusual decision: it would be less surprising if the Chinese manufacturer decided to send its device to China or Europe, but the choice of India has a very good reason. In India, the second most populous country in the world, OnePlus is the dominant manufacturer of phones in the more expensive phone class for 500 euros. In other words, the Indians decided that OnePlus is the best flagship phone (and the Chinese company simply does not manufacture or intend to produce any other device).

And if all producers (and journalists) focus on OnePlus 7 Pro in the spring, the "hero" of autumn will be this, slightly simpler phone. And this will be a little small: the manufacturers have filled the gaps, and now the 7T is maybe even better than the 7 Pro.

Also in this case the standard philosophy of producers should be emphasized. For several years, the main goal of giants in the smartphone market are camera capabilities. Everything is thrown on this front. In summary, when a design is inevitably made of the same brick with minimal differences, you are not really competing with it, right?

Not true Almost from his early OnePlus models he emphasized that their phones are the fastest (and, of course, the cheapest of the flagships, but a little later). And for several years in a row this is confirmed by various performance tests of synthetic phones. Surprisingly, other phones – even with almost the same internal components – showed significantly lower bandwidth results.

It is true that this trump card was thrown out of the hands of OnePlus by online publications that, when it recognizes the problem of measuring performance, its phones artificially "pump" all the elements. In other words, "uses doping" in races. It would be a scandal if everyone didn't do it.


So this spring, the Chinese can boast of a new trump card. 90 Hz smooth AMOLED display. The one that was developed with Samsung and produced by Samsung. It is surprising that Koreans do not place this screen on their flags and S. flags – maybe they have problems with patents. Well, complaining about Samsung phone screens would be shameless.

That's it: in the spring, these 90 Hz screens were probably the main reason for buying a Pro phone instead of a regular phone. With the advent of 7T, the difference will disappear – and the new phone will have the same smoother, higher frequency movement. By the way, at this frequency does not always work, but only on the main interface of the operating system and social networks. It would seem that the higher frequency should be ideal for playing, but here's the limitation of Android: because the vast majority of phones in this system have 60 Hz screens, this is exactly the frame rate limit. OnePlus hopes that game developers will realize that better screens can be created. By the way, the video refresh rate, as well as Youtube and Netflix, is similarly limited. Also here you will not notice the advantage. But do you spend more and more time on Facebook, Instagram and Reddit?

It's time to add a note: the screen frequency has evened out, but the screen resolution of the new phone is slightly lower than the spring superflagman: if the 7 Pro had 3120 x 1440 pixels, the 7T had 2400 x 1080 pixels. But can you see it with the naked eye? Internet experts say this is still the case, but the physiological limitations on eye resolution are far from above, so the difference is probably not worth hundreds of euros for a more expensive device.

And it's probably interesting to know that Estonian journalists conducted an experiment to test the ability of ordinary random people to distinguish between screen density and refresh rate. This is the screen with smaller, denser pixels that people could not really distinguish. The difference between 60 Hz and 90 Hz was error free by almost everyone.

Like small, OnePlus 7T has other good features. Suppose HDR10 + support gives fantastic colors. The 20: 9 aspect ratio is almost perfect for widescreen movies (here is the beating chest, and Sony should show its advantages by offering devices with the same 21: 9 aspect ratio for cinemas). Have you seen a phone screen with a maximum brightness of over 1000 nits? If the phone is more heat resistant, everything would be clearly visible even when walking in the sun. Laughter, of course – the sun is flying too hot, not only for the phone, but for people. Well, unless at night?

Do you think this is all praise for the screen? Not completely. There is also a special blue filter that blocks 40 percent. blue light. And medical researchers say that anyone who looks at blue screens before bedtime will have red eyes in the morning. And sleep is poor.

And game lovers will definitely love the fact that the screen of this model is flat, without bent sides, which sometimes have some very important controls in some games. Yes, the perception that the "curved screen is a luxury" for some reason difficult to understand has now become very common, but in many cases the curved screen is simply a waste of manufacturer resources that not only does not benefit the user,.


Those who were interested in smartphones at a time when Nokia was a real, lively, unobtrusive Microsoft, installing Windows Phone on their phones, probably remember the best device west company – Nokia Lumia 1020. That's it: it looks like some of the genes of this phone have been inherited by OnePlus 7T. Without a doubt looking from the back: the same round facade, a very similar size and the same place. Well, maybe more lenses than usual in times when Nokia phones were not produced by HMD.

The color of the "skin" differs from what the designers came up with in 2013.

V. Neverauskas / 15min photo / OnePlus 7T smartphone

V. Neverauskas / 15min photo / OnePlus 7T smartphone

To sum up, the colors of the back parts of phones is a fashion area for smartphones that is absolutely dominated by Chinese companies. Gone are the days when phones were just black and white. Well, sometimes screaming red machines that were advertised as "fashion statements only for the bravest" or as a one-on-one experiment. Here it is: The Chinese have shown that it's time to end with a monastic combination of colors. They showed both sunsets, aurora borealis and corals. And it's not just one color, but a whole range of colors on the same phone. It is the Chinese who create bold color options for ridges – and it turned out that no one will use the same colors next or next year – you can think of something new. In both colors and patterns.

Here's how: OnePlus looks even very shy and modest in this brave team. The backs of the new 7T phones will have "silver" silver and two-tone blue (from lighter to darker). Conservative? Not really The fact that the glass on the back of the device is partly matt with a depth effect – as if the colored surface was under a frosted layer of ice – makes a big difference. Looks very nice. At the same time it is solid – you will not be ashamed to appear with friends at school or take her to a business meeting.

By the way, on the back of the glass: this is another structural element that manufacturers are eager to reach for "luxury" phones. Even if your phone doesn't offer wireless charging technology – just like OnePlus phones. Here, therefore, one can criticize the manufacturer: in the idle state, some imaginative aesthetic standards are sold to the consumer with not one, but two cracking surfaces. I don't know about you, but it seems to me that the back with a metal back looks better than the back of broken glass.


Although the camera is not the main OnePlus horse, it is by no means the name of the Achilles heel. Onexlus 7 Pro professional reviewer of digital photography, DxOMark, introduced this spring, scored 111 points – just a hair shorter than the current leaders. It takes fifth place above the best iPhone in history & # 39; em.

V. Neverauskas / 15min photo / OnePlus 7T smartphone

V. Neverauskas / 15min photo / OnePlus 7T smartphone

Of course, you can ask questions here regarding the reputation and credibility of the DxOMark website. But you can always make a more objective comparison yourself with the GSMAren photo comparison tool.

Given that a semester is enough time to make at least progress in improving photos, you can expect that the new phone introduced in India will be at least as good as the spring phone Pro. More recognition for photos can be expected after reviewing this device after a few weeks of this "beast".

For technology lovers, the main lens of this phone is equipped with an f / 1.6 aperture, a 48 MP resolution sensor and optical image stabilization. The ultra wide-angle lens has a 117-degree field of view and has a 16 MP sensor resolution. The telephoto lens with f / 2.2 aperture is equipped with a sensor with a resolution of 12 MP and can optically enlarge twice.

And although one can safely say that OnePlus has not invented anything radically new in digital photography, it also manages to recreate the fun photographic tricks invented by the leaders. Mentioned 2x optical zoom is. Do you like macro photography? Please, from a distance of 2.5 cm. Do you like taking photos in the dark? No problem. Well, one producer may fall behind and feel it, but not others. Have you seen anything cool that doesn't fit in the frame? A wide-angle camera will serve you.


The list of devices that will already contain the latest and hottest platform Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ is very short – so far it is an exclusive club with only four phones (only for Asus and Xiaomi players) ZTE and Meizu equipment and cameras for the general public). The fifth member of this club will be OnePlus 7T (although of course the list of club members will improve significantly at the beginning of winter).

This "elite" platform officially has 15 percent. more efficient in games and capable of transferring data faster than gigabit per second in 4G networks (here, of course, more theoretical numbers – in fact, the mobile internet speed limit is much below and certainly not because of any difficulties).

Unlocking the phone is not a surprise – you can choose from an on-screen optical fingerprint sensor, face recognition algorithm and more traditional unlocking methods such as PIN.

One thing that everyone who should hold in their hand is their vibrator action, especially when playing games: the manufacturer claims that the vibration-inducing motors are more powerful and mounted on the phone in the configuration of the letter X, making them more natural on the move. , more accurate and fun. For players.

OnePlus was one of the first phone manufacturers to offer ultra-fast battery charging technology. Improvements are still ongoing and officially boasts that from 3800 mAh to 0 to 70 percent of the battery can be charged in half an hour. It's true that things slow down later: up to 100 percent will have to wait a second. But the most important thing is to get away from the stressful one-digit battery charging limit as soon as possible – and this phone will be a lot of fun.

The phone will have 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of RAM.


Those who have tried previous OnePlus device models know that the company is developing a minimally modified Android shell called OxygenOS. New devices will be delivered with the OxygenOS 10.0 interface version. Needless to say, the Android operating system will now be available on this phone in 10 versions. By the way, the manufacturer is proud to be the first device in Europe that has Android 10 in a new phone just unpacked.

To sum up, the OnePlus brand should appeal to Android fans (especially the clean, unmodified version of the system) – not only because modifications to Oxygen OS are minimal, and the improved versions of this brand's phones are extremely fast – probably the fastest among all Android device manufacturers.


The first OnePlus models, which were only available by invitation (and were extremely successful in 2014), were named flagship killers for their amazing price for fantastic features: Samsung devices are not priced differently than similar features and sometimes.

It is true that good things do not last long, and now OnePlus phones can hardly be called flagship killers – and even representatives of the company would no longer want such a label. Because today they are proud of their flagship. Fully equipped, they can compete in the ring with the best Huawei, Samsung or Google Pixel phones.

The price of these phones has increased over the past five years, but is still far behind the competition. And although the price of these devices on the European market has risen so far, it can be estimated at about EUR 630.

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