Sunday , June 13 2021

R. Šalasševičiūtė: Even children can be taken from a cup of wine!

"As far as I know, there is a recipe in Vilnius that parents who are with a child can not be drunk.There is the so-called zero clause for the promisers," this Thursday evening at 2:00 PM. Rimantė Šalaševičiūtė, a member of Seimasu, will appear in the talk show LNK "Hour with Ruta".

"Does this mean that I can not drink a glass of wine at my child?" – Rūta Mikelkevičiūtė, head of the program, will receive the answer that if in such a case someone calls the Office of Children's Rights, 0 points will be set. Excessive fertility is the risk that children can be taken.

The program will talk about scandals of accepting children from parents in recent weeks. Evelina Geležiūnienė, mother of four children, says she learned about taking the child to the kindergarten where she stayed with the note.

"I saw my son for the first time in half a year, calling their parents temporary guardians, mixing their child's name with the name of their real sister," says Evelina. My mother's lawyer, Ruta Visocnik, admits that she has read a letter from her mother explaining why her five-year-old son has not returned to her and does not understand what causes it.

A member of the Sejm, Dovilė Šakalienė, claims that according to the new Act on the neglect of the child, which entered into force on 1 July, Evelina's child was to be returned for a long time. "The problem is not the law and its definitions, but enforcement," says D. Šakalienė.

"Can you take your children because you took a little more than a cup – celebrate your birthday and do you really like dancing and music? In addition, you are angry at your neighbor and he has already complained to you for various services … What will happen, if he also determines the rights of the child? "- Speaker R. Mikelkevičiūtė speaks.

SADM: Zero Promil Rules are not available

"Children's alcohol consumption is not prohibited by law or regulations, no rules for zero promoters. However, when assessing the child's environmental safety, it is taken into account that both parents or sole parents of a single parent are obviously intoxicated with alcohol or psychotropic substances" – published in press release of the Ministry of the Interior.

According to the Ministry, it should be noted that when assessing whether a child is in real danger, a questionnaire describing the level of risk for a child is completed, in which the perceived risk of alcohol or psychotropic substances of both parents or single parents is classified as high risk factors.

"However, one high-risk factor is usually not enough for the child to be at risk 2 (when the child is temporarily admitted by the court from the parent and guardian), except for children from birth to three years.

If both parents or parents are naturally intoxicated, it is considered that the environment is not safe for the child. Actual poisoning is considered when people can not talk to each other, they can not stand, they move in a coordinated way "- said the Ministry's report.

It is generally accepted that if alcohol is used in children, there should be at least one adult who does not use it. This is necessary for the ability of an adult to take care of a child in the event of a disaster or to find a health problem in order to be able to call an ambulance.

What does this practice look like?

Very often, the Children's Rights Officers receive a report on potential violence on the part of the police, which provides information on the sobriety of both the parent's parent and the sole parent.

"Very specialists in the protection of children's rights do not have alcotocertos and do not check dementia." If children's rights specialists report on possible violence, they call police officers for suspicion of possible insolvency and possible violations of public violence or public order. " , according to the SADM report.

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