Monday , January 25 2021

Regimantas Miniotas moves to ACB League / News

Photo: BNS

Photo of BNS

The Regimantas Miniotas forward, who played excellently for Prietai CBet at the start of the season, is raising his wings to Spain.

Bilbao RETAbet Cart / Schedule

Prienai club announced that the 24-year-old has moved to RETAbet club in Bilbao, which is competing in the Spanish ACB League.

The CBet team will receive the agreed redemption for relocation.

“We are delighted with Regimantas, which really deserved to be promoted to the next level,” said team director Adomas Kubilius. “Of course, it’s a shame to lose our leader and pillar of the team, the captain at the time, but we are really proud to be able to continue the club’s vision and be a springboard for players out to sea.”

“Thank you to the Prienai team for the opportunity to improve and show themselves. Thank you for all your help and support, I hope the team won’t stop and keep improving their game, ”said the outgoing Miniotas.

The team coached by Alexo Mumbru also includes Lithuanian Arnoldas Kulboka.

The LKL miniotas, who is 208 cm tall, played 11 games this season and scored an average of 18.5 points in 32 minutes, rebounded 10.5 balls, gave 2.8 assists and scored 24.5 points.

The basketball player took the lead in the league in terms of rebounds and points of use, and took second place in terms of points scored.

Yesterday Miniotas made his debut for the Lithuanian national team. In the qualifying match for the European Championship with the Danish team, he scored 8 points in 15 minutes, rebounded 5 balls and scored 12 utility points. He was the most useful basketball player of the Lithuanian national team.

The club from Bilbao has won twice in the first 10 ACB League games.

In the FIBA ​​Champions League, the team suffered two defeats in two matches.

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