The beginnings of dark business in Lithuania: either we will reach an agreement or we will join


The new book "13 Dark Business Secrets of the Republic of Lithuania" includes the lives of the richest people in Lithuania, hiding millions of transactions, competitive involvement, using state institutions and business kidnaps.

Today, books have been added to the book and many new, intriguing facts were presented by the former mayor of Vilnius, Artūras Zuokas.

Well-known football player A. Zuokas says that his first meeting with Darius Juozas Mockumi took place in Lithuania, which experienced a sharp decline in privatization.

"It was the beginning of the nineties, when he bought checks and participated in auctions" – said A. Zuokas in the book "Thirteen business secrets from the Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce". At that time, we bought checks with our colleagues and privatized two facilities near the Opera Theater and Ballet – Stationery and optic stores, one of which still belongs to my company. "When we had to take part in the purchase, I remember people came to Darius' people and said," Either make a deal or get together. "We had no experience, overall, it was a special period, but I had partners who were more aware of the realities At that time we had to pay for the fact that they just did not bother us … And the obstacle was that someone comes and offers an inadequate price, just do not buy or prevent the sale of other means. We did not know what and how they could, but it was clear that they really could have something, they were very active participants in the wild privatization in Lithuania. "

The first intersection

1994-1995. Interests of D.J. Mockas and A.Zuokas were established in commercial cases. Both were really hot. Her end was difficult to predict, even in this fight, it was not her will to include the best lawyers from the country.

"This collision began when one of my companies bought Vaiva shares, which were a store located at Gediminas Avenue 44. Now there is a Aprango clothing store in these premises, and then our company bought 49 or almost 50 percent of employee shares and Nagel Dariusz he came to the Status company and bought the next half of the action, everything was going fast, "remembers the former mayor of the capital A. Zuokas.

Because both parties manage the same number of shares, it is natural that one day a proposal to buy the item for a very high price appeared. But the deal has not happened yet. Then A. Zuokas gave a direct suggestion to D.J.Mockey: "We are sitting at the table, sharing a store with an area of ​​600 square meters in half and we are continuing successfully to continue our work." However, the future president of MG Baltic did not agree. It can be said that the persistent struggle has moved to court proceedings that lasted several years, which on both sides not only worsened the money, but also significantly exhausted the nerves.

"They clearly made it clear that they would take everything away" – reminded A. Zuokas – "We start a legal dispute against us, disputes about the sale of shares." The court issued a number of decisions, this was the period in which we won one court and the other – the former. even a few years. "

At the beginning of independence, A. Zuokas, engaged in business activities, was tired of the court marathon and together with the lawyer Jaunium Gumbiu asked for a meeting with D.J.Mockumi, but communication from the very beginning did not leave any prosecutors for a future peace.

They clearly made it clear that they would take everything. I started lawsuits against us, disputes regarding the sale of goods.

"Then we got stuck in the fact that Dariusz did not even get up from his chair, he did not stop rising, did not even bend his hands, let us understand that we are so small and have no voice, so I heard a sermon that I did not give seriously, but I remembered much later, when I already remembered that he began to explain that he is a resident of Vilnius, and someone who came from villages would not put him in Vilnius, which was an attempt to show differences between the statuses, but very unexpectedly we decided to privatize Vaiva "- said A Zuokas.

KGB shadow

He claimed that at that time the interests of D.J.Mockus and his partners were entrusted to lawyers of the large business group "Status". Vlad Bieliauskas, who is responsible for this company, people who are in touch with her, remember that they are aggressive, cunning, unpredictable, but also very sensitive. V.Bieliauskas himself insisted that he raise capital through intermediation in the purchase and sale of real estate. But journalists who were crushed by their surroundings noticed that both V. Bieliauskas and his former comrades had close contacts with the KGB in the past. The media reported that even Sigitas Živoltas (who died more than a decade ago), and even a former KGB agent, was even considered the main lawyer of V. Bieliauskas and was right-handed.

Once, "Status" wrote a press release about real estate agencies as "about Russian insurance in Lithuania." Some sources of the State Security Department have announced that state property was occupied by these hard and privatized KGB underground dwellings. Subsequently, the SSD conducted a search in the "Status" Agency, its subsidiaries, management apartments and shareholders. Thanks to these searches, they found bulletproof vests, shock devices, mobile and stationary radio stations, and spicy content documents.

"I have contacted V. Bieliauskas several times and he left me an aggressive and aggressive man." I remember the swords of the eastern martial arts hanging on the back in the office, I think that not only happened to me strange tension, because it is not clear when and by what Under the circumstances he was able to draw the sword and use it in his own way We came to the conclusion that the head of the status was closely related to the KGB, perhaps he had access to important data on the biographies of judges, prosecutors and investigators from some law enforcement agencies. we received quite bizarre solutions that we simply did not see "- recalls A. Zuokas in court at the time.

The strangest thing is that V.Bieliauskas, selling the sounds of the building "Children & # 39; s World" in the center of the capital, Gediminas Avenue, was found less than a year after unpacking it in his home in Vilnius. "I do not believe in the alleged suicide of V. Bieliauskas, I suspect that this death is in the interest of people in the immediate vicinity of the environment – this is how the death of the head of" Status "today is pronounced by a well-known KGB employee." First of all, V. Bieliauskas was "mixed up". In the case of weapons, he collected weapons albums that were well known for his technical properties, and in general, he was an avid weapons specialist. " It would be strange if a man hit his head with the "Margolin" pistol, in which case the weapon should be added to the head at a 90-degree angle. Only a tall man could commit suicide because V.Bieliauskas was short and his arms were short, and there were strange coincidences that explain the death of that person as a carefully planned murder.


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