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The war for the royal coup is over? One step from Middleton will make you think

However, it turns out that Mr. Middleton is not able to exacerbate these tensions and hopes that everyone will be able to agree much better in the future.

According to Phil Dampier, who writes about the royal family, Middleton makes every effort to bring the couples back and even sympathizes with Markle.

"As I was told, Kate is trying to gather everyone and help Meghan. Neither of them wants to disappoint the queen, so Kate tries to keep all her problems private, "he said.

According to Mr. Dampier's sources, Kate even called Meghan because she is very sorry – the duchess is aware of Harry's plans. recalls that the greatest confusion in the royal family took place after Prince Harry sued the British media and later appeared in his and Meghan's travel document on Africa.

In him, Mr. Markle was always open. "Every woman, especially a pregnant woman, is very vulnerable, which is why this time was extremely stressful, even after the birth of a newborn," said the duchess.

She also revealed that few know how she really felt, so thanking the reporter for this question, Mrs Markle said, "Thank you for asking because few people asked if I was okay."

It's true that not all Harry and Markle make the decision – to sue the British media.

Richard Palmer, a correspondent of the Daily Express royal family, spoke publicly about this. "Currently, no one from the royal family supports Harry & # 39; ego and Meghan. Even several assistants are ashamed of their actions. William and Charles even distanced themselves from them, "he wrote on Twitter.

Later, the journalist made other interesting observations. According to him, a public letter from Harry & # 39; ego about his dissatisfied media was aimed at inciting hatred.

It is true why Harry published the letter without listening to the advice of other royal family members, but it remains unclear.

The news portal reminds us that until recently Meghan and Harry were engaged in the Queen's hatred.

According to foreign media, Buckingham Palace employees have even received a warning that all guests of the queen should be warned that Prince Harry and Mr. Markle do not want to talk about it.

"Chamber personnel are aware that the Duchess of Sussex is the only topic that everyone wants to talk about. To quench it, one of the employees decided to inform the Queen's guests that questions about Harry & # 39; ego and Meghan are not the best topic if they want to have a polite and pleasant conversation, "Palace source said.

This was also confirmed by journalist Quetin Letts, who wrote on Twitter that his friend had received advice before the meeting not to talk to her about the same topic. "About Brexit? Not About the princes of Sussex, wrote the journalist.

It is said that such a warning may occur after Markle decides to leave New York to support his close friend, tennis player Serena Williams, instead of joining the royal family. According to close sources, the Queen felt "hurt and frightened" by her decision because she hoped to spend a lot of beautiful time with her grandchildren, especially Arch, the son of the princes of Sussex.

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