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Today is World Heart Day: find out what diseases can be caused by high blood pressure

The performance will also look at the risk of skin cancer or melanoma, because ballet dancer Nerijus Juška will reveal what preparations she prepares for the health of her prostate and, as always, under the heading "Thank you, doctor", the patient will thank the doctors for their lives.

Every year, World Heart Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of September. This time, medical care focuses on high blood pressure, which often determines the health of other organs. President of the Lithuanian Heart Association, doc. med. dr. Sigita Glaveckaite says that hypertension is corrected, but not for everyone who needs it.

Memory of the Tree of Health World Heart Day / TV3 Photo

Memory of the Tree of Health World Heart Day / TV3 Photo

"Cardiovascular disease is number one killer in Lithuania. While 40 per cent of the world's population dies of cardiovascular disease, in Lithuania statistics are as high as 55 per cent, "cardiologist S. Glaveckaitė

Honorary doctors and researchers talked about blood pressure monitoring and control measures during the 8th University of Vilnius-Gdańsk Conference on hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease, and cardiovascular protection.

"High blood pressure has several major organs: heart, kidneys, brain, eyes, well and blood vessels throughout the body. Each patient who is diagnosed with hypertension, looking for more or less damage to these organs, undergoes various tests, and our goal is to combat this silent epidemic, because, unlike other diseases, people usually do not feel hypertension. There are many preventive programs aimed at preventing possible diseases, but it is also extremely important to know blood pressure and blood glucose levels, "says prof. Dr from the Nephrology Center, VUL Santara Clinic. med. dr. Marius Miglinas.

Not only Lithuanian doctors, but also one of the conference initiators, prof. Krzysztof Narkiewicz, Head of the Hypertension and Diabetology Clinic of the Medical Academy in Gdańsk.

"The problem we are facing is that many patients start and stop taking medication at some point after starting treatment for hypertension, so failure to follow medical recommendations is a serious problem. Unfortunately, many patients are not aware of hypertension, so the only way to detect this is by measuring blood pressure – says Polish professor.

According to medical experts around the world, high blood pressure is one of the key factors for the onset of atrial fibrillation and stroke, which is why every doctor recommends regular blood pressure measurements, especially when you can have a blood pressure monitor at home.

"When choosing a blood pressure monitor, keep in mind that the device recognizes arrhythmias that inform a person if atrial fibrillation occurs, and can distinguish him from the occurrence of non-rhythmic heartbeats" – tips on how to properly measure and select blood pressure and prevent stroke. Roku Šerpytis, cardiologist and cardiologist at the VUL Santara clinic, will make the device available.

Prostate health is a matter of concern for every self-respecting man

September is the month of prostate cancer awareness. But doctors always emphasize that men should pay attention to this organ not only in September, but throughout the year. To prevent problems with prostate cancer or prostate cancer, it is very important to take care of your health, proper nutrition, movement, regular doctor visits and taking vitamins to improve the heart condition of your second husband.

"I see absolutely no shame in talking about the prostate and its diseases. But, like me, so many men do – until you encounter this problem, you don't pay much attention to it. But you have to start preparing sleighs in the summer and check your health before you feel any symptoms, "says ballet dancer Nerijus Juška on the program, revealing the benefits of taking herbal remedies.

Two outstanding professors, urologists Balys Dainys and Vytautas Kamarauskas will share insights and tips on prostate health.

Skin cancer is not just a threat in the summer

Melanoma is an extremely insidious and often aggressive cancer. It is a mistake to think that skin cancer should only be protected and cared for during the warm season when we spend most of the day outside in the sun. The program will focus on melanoma – when summer comes, it is extremely important to look closely at the skin.

"Men often see or suspect melanoma as a malignant skin tumor on the other side – wife or girlfriend. For women, the opposite is the case – they usually notice it themselves, "said Jolita Gibavičienė, head of the IMI head and neck surgery department.

Memory of the Tree of Health World Heart Day / TV3 Photo

Memory of the Tree of Health World Heart Day / TV3 Photo

"Thank you, doctor" for abdominal surgeons for the saved life will be Mrs. Aldona

Thanksgiving. Many thanks to Aldona for patient abdominal surgeons at the Santara clinic in VUL, who once presented their miracle of life, are waiting for this Sunday in the "Thank you, doctor" section.

"We, doctors, really want to give our best <...>, but when the case is neglected, the likelihood of complications increases. Any intense abdominal pain and fever should cause the person to seek medical help. Abdominal pain can alert you to any illness – stomach discomfort, ulcers, cholecystitis or pancreatitis, vascular pathologies, stones, bowel disease – said Anatoly Ostapenko, a doctor on the stomach.

How to recognize the first signs of skin cancer, what everyone must know about the health of the second heart, prostate, how to prevent undetected hypertension and many other helpful tips – this Sunday at 15:00. on TV8 TV.

The sixth edition of Health Tree continues to delight viewers with honest and sensitive thanks to doctors straight from the mouths of their patients, sharing tips on preventing false diseases, keeping up with the latest medical developments and responding to everyone's health concerns.

The "Health Tree" is a program full of relevant medical information and advice, sensitive and indifferent life stories, both from doctors and patients.

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