Gani must explain why Musa was not prosecuted before


Former Attorney General Abdul Gani Patail has a responsibility to explain why he did not pursue former minister Sabah Musa Aman during his term, said parliamentarian Pakatan Harapan, Lim Lip Eng.

Kepong MP asked if Gani – who was from Sabah – was reluctant to pursue Musa for fear of the latter or because of reporting family ties.

"Gani is therefore obliged to explain to the public why he did not prosecute Musa." Did Gani not prosecute Musa because he was afraid of Musa or former Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razaka?

"Is it because Gani is related to Musa?" Gani needs to explain her decision and explain the suspicions that are falling on him now, "Lim said in a statement.

This was after Musa, who is Sungai Sibuga Assemblyperson, was on Monday charged with 35 transplants for receiving 63 293 94.88 USD (263 million RMON) in bribery in exchange for timber procurement contracts issued in 2004-2008.

He applied for an indictment, which concerns the alleged allegations he received from 16 companies dealing with wood concessions when he was chairman of Yayasan Sabah.

The charges also mention Michael Chia, a wood trader and a well-known Musa collaborator (picture).

The appointed prosecutor Gopal Sri Ram then told the Kuala Lumpur Session Court that the case against Musa had already been investigated by the MACC for some time, but the matter was inexplicably closed.

Sri Ram said he was also amazed that Gani at the time had not received instructions to get Musa accused.

In 2012 de facto Law Minister Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz told Dewan Rakyat that there is no graft in the Sabah magnate Michael Chii who allegedly donated RM 40 million to Sabah Umno.

In this regard, the independent anti-corruption committee in Hong Kong (ICAC) confiscated about $ 440 million Singapore dollars in 2008, which were found in Bagh's luggage before boarding the plane to Malaysia.

MACC Operational Survey Panel in 2012. Demanded from Gania view the decision does not burden Musa for the transplant.

Lim added: "Not only the NN ministers in 2012. They are responsible for the alleged crimes of Musa, but all NN parliamentarians of this year must now be cleared if they are accomplices.

"The authorities must investigate them if they continue to deny or remain silent."

Nazri claimed recently that he had never cleaned Musa, but only read MACC findings in this case.


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